Ninja Borg or maybe Assassin droid.

Ninja Borg or maybe Assassin droid.

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Debating the Explosion. Like the dynamics of it, but....should he just be in a cloud of smoke? Idunno.

DAYUM. Dat armor sheen. Details are perfect, pose is perfect

I am all disgruntled about that front upper arm. I keep trying to re do the damn thing. At a loss.

I'm gonna encourage you to keep going, and finish up the rest, and then see if you like it after you're done with everything else.  If not, improve it :)  Cause this is looking stinking AWESOME!

Now he could be in a new Star Trek movie too. Oh. And I like this arm better.

Oh yeah.. that's looking VERY cool

WOWOW, this is amazingly good. Really looking forward to the final.

Wow...  This is turning out even more awesome with every WIP update... 


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