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Feeling weird about abandoning my usual, goofy style, I have set off to tell a story that (somehow) was inspired by an entire weekend of a "The Best of Three Dog Night" album.  Seriously, I don't see the connection either.

Anyway, I'm gonna dump some teasers atcha, right here.

Don't worry, folks.  Unlike the legendary failure that was the SWAG comic, this puppy has a Beginning, Middle and End.  However, I'm not entirely certain my inking skills are up to the challenge.  I know my coloring ain't.  So if anybody out there wants to lend a hand in those departments, just let me know.  Heck! It might be kinda cool to have each page inked and colored by a different SWAGger.   hmmmmm........

Your inking skills are very impressive.  :)  ...  Love the style of this one.

Thanks, Xan.  It takes me about four times longer to work in this style. Fortunately this isn't going to be an overly long comic.

Wow... 4 times longer.. thats quite a difference.  But it does look great!

My normal style is a lot more quick and loose.  All SWOOSH! and SWISH! This requires me to be a bit more precise.  I'm glad you like in it, Xan.  It does allow me to tell a more serious story.  They can't all be silly. lol

Huge fan of this. Hope you put some more bits up.

Well, here's another! 

I like this style a lot. It gives you a more serious feel while allowing for grand expressions that fit. And the feel of the scene is very SW. I love the bow they give. Sets up the future.

Thanks, brutha.  That means a lot after the awesome comic you've been showing us.  Right now I'm having trouble with my segue into the action sequence, but it once I sort it out i'm hoping it'll be quite entertaining.

I have an advantage....I don't have to write anything. It's our game. But I did fall off. Lost the interest when I got butt hurt. DM punished us by taking everything from us two weeks in a row. We got greedy and paid for it. Yours is multi level talent for all to view. 

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