Rebel Fargul Scoundrel

You enter the Catina. The sounds of conversations fill the air along with the echos of clanging glasses. Smoke and dust hang in the air causing the yellow lights to form streaks and bringing a gloom to the darkened room. From around the bar and through the crowd a figure approaches. " You are described, I have been expecting you." The beings piercing yellow eyes stare directly into yours. " We have a mutual friend I think, yes? I am Jakuun-Ta. This way please, I have a table in the back where we talk away from prying ears." With a quick sweeping motion of his arm he directs you through the patrons.

I had fun with this guy. Had to stop for the opposite reason as normal...I kept want to add to him. I have the black and white version with yellow eyes also but thought the sepia look tied it all together so nicely I went with it. Almost deleted him when I saved it with 50 some odd layers combined into one. Had to step back and breath. Anyway, Hope you enjoy my attempt at a Farghul.


"Catina" -- tee hee! Intentional pun or accidental awesome??

Either way, pretty cool; looks like he'd be a dangerous guy to know. And all the different TEXTURES!! The folds on his pants are crazy photo-real; are they something you overlayed, or is that all done by your hand? (Because my knowledge of your attention to detail suggests that yes, you very well COULD have...)


The pants are me painting over a pic. They are accually womens pants...the rest is drawn. I used what I learned in the pants to do the vest. The sword and blaster I drew on different PDFs and then Placed here. Drew the symbol once on one arm, then said screw that so I copied it to the other arm shoulder and center thingy.
Catina was a fluke. I am a horrible speller The fur was super easy, I was pleasantly surised to walk into the single hair brush set on 2 % and dark


thank you. I work hard on certain details....the apparently totally for get others. I just noticed I forgot to shade and highlight the ends of the dreads hanging forward...supposed to be gold tips. Never meant for the embroidery on the vest to make it either. Started it then said nah..don't want to have to do the pants too. Am happy with the Twilek hilt though. Was going to do a buckle that was really the top of an Oreo cookie to see who noticed but decided against it it.


mine as well, and thank you. I am doing his entire crew.Not sure who all is in it yet though. Working on what will be either a Gran protocol Droid or a Gran in complete armor. If it's the latter I have a complete back story for him That I have come up with while doodling.


I know what you mean! Sometimes its hard to know where & when to stop, else some pieces would never get done and see the light of day ;)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

If your going to complement me, don't tell me my work is neat, cool or awesome. If you really like it, tell me why you like it and what you like about it. Only then I'll take it as a complement.


Still my Favorite that I've done. I want to play him bad my group all broke up...damn 40 year olds and thier lives and stuff....


Very cool.. I like the playing card motif. ;)
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