Unusual Suspects

'From the less legal side of the galaxy'...

Yovl Bryl, the teenage Sullustan gambler with a bit of immunity problems, causing constant allergy symptoms. As '52 kilograms of pure, unadulterated Sullustan', he plays a mean hand of Sabacc, beating even the Duke of Dolenia.

Drash, the Farghul who thinks he can fix anything, the Coruscant University graduate from the streets of Nar Shaddaa, 'considers himself the apex of technical knowledge'.

And finally Gaffer, the former circus performer and fortune teller, the Ryn now works as a chief morale officer and pilot for a Rebel cell. He always enjoys entertaining, whether by 'tumbling, juggling, tightrope walking, fortune telling, or playing a little ditty on his nose. Gaffer's a real joker, always laughing at himself and life.'

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