Vulptereen Smuggler

Another redraw of an old piece - a request for a Vulptereen smuggler that I did years ago.

Lord Cygnus

I suppose trousers can just be trousers, however in your defense, Asok it was also possible that the bloodstripes were, on rare occasions, awarded to non-Corellians. In the original film Luke Skywalker wore brown pants displaying the gold second-class bloodstripes during the award ceremony on Yavin 4, following the destruction of the first Death Star. Once during one of our RPGing sessions, K'Ehleyr and her friends were all awarded the red piping of the first-class Corellian bloodstripe, for returning a very important stolen item to the once prestigious, Corellian royal family. Restoring honor to the King of Corellia and clearing the undeserved bad reputation of his beloved, recently deceased cousin. 


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