Would love to see some activity!...

So, let's see some inspired works of art.  The theme is Pencil/pen ((looking)) pieces. Any species you like, black and white only.  ((Extra points for realism work))

This is for the fun of it!

Let's see if we can get this site some new faces and maybe bring back some of the old faces!

We are officially back online. I apologize for the long outage. There were a couple critical security issues that had to be handled and in the course of doing this, various other issues arose. What looked to be routine maintence turned into a multi-week project with a bit of debugging. We are back though and all is well. Let me know if anything looks amiss and I'll prioritize fixing it asap.

Thanks for your patience as always!


So we had a bit of spam lately. I deleted a good 600-700 new users. I honestly believe most of those were spam, however it's possible a few new users got lost in the pruning. If there are any issues, feel free to hop into irc and ping me. I'll help get new users going again if necessary.

Okay, I've been messing with this idea for some time now.  And I wanted to bring it to everyones attention.

I'd like to get all of our artists ((who would like to help))  to get together and make a SWAG Sabacc deck.  I'd love to see each of the face cards done by a different artist.  


Now, after doing research about Sabacc there are two different decks.  I'd like to use the Centran deck, to get more artwork into it. 

Apologies about the blogs. I've got them back to a working state. Send me a message if you find issues there (or anywhere). I've also looked into what's happening with notifications and will take steps to remedy that very soon. Sometimes during a site update you miss a thing or two, it's just how this goes. :-(


Okay I thought I'd try something a little off the wall, just to see what happens :) 

Species of the month is Geonosians & The Gree

The Gree were a six-tentacled race of cephalopod creatures[2] that had an unusual anatomy[3] with gray skin, large sad-looking eyes along with tall foreheads. These features supported an immense brain sac which flopped oddly behind their heads.


The new Abandoned forum is for the requesters as much as the artists.  This forum is for any requests that are over a year old.  If you have one in this forum, and would still like it done, bump it up stating that you are still here and waiting for it to be taken.  This will let the artists know that you are still around and wanting to see your picture done.  This forum is to keep the other forums clear of any requests that the requestor no longer wants, or is no longer visiting the site without deleting the request.

Firefly Summer ....   I'll explain this better...  and for those of you that this is winter for, it's Firefly Winter.

The recent submission made by Judas, found here, made me think about the old west, and mixing Star Wars .. which of course led to the idea of Firefly.  Natural progression of thought.  So this month let's see some old west Star Wars themes.  

Any race you like, any background you want ((even hi sci-fi background))  Just make us think about the old west in the piece.  


June/July is going to be Gungan and Jawa month...   (JawaStu this is your month.) 

Professions: Mechanic and Droid engineers

And a backdrop of the "Jungle Moon of Endor" and Daghobah...

And as a special challenge, I'd love to see some different versions of Yoda species... I think it would be sweet seeing what you guy's can come up with for his species without being Yoda.


Have fun with it guys....  If it's stressful, it's not worth doing :)

As a welcome back to Braltika, this month is going to be Creature Month

Any Star Wars creature your heart desires to make, go for it! ...   

Not going to do species, but would love to see some StormTroopers/Clone Troopers this month to finish out May with something that is very Star Warsy!...

I know Tuss is going to love this theme as well! ... Hope to see some great creatures and maybe some being ridden by Stormies :)