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Okie Am looking for someone to draw a character I came up with. A little brief background, she's an Arkanian offshoot Jedi. Her mother was engineered for the exotic dancing thing, as such this character's quite a bit on the voluptuous side of things. She's also rather oblivious to that and rather much of a goofball and a prankster too. Anyway here's the description. I'll warn you, it's really really long. If someone wants to change how she's dressed that's fine too. I also have a few reference type things a friend did of her too if you want to see them.

This strange, sometimes quiet young woman stands at about 6' tall overall with a rather athletic build and fairly broad shoulders. Her skin is tanned though having a very light blue tint to it that might lend one to believe she's not completely human. The girl's extremely thick hair is a brilliant silvery white in color, with a couple small light blue streaks, kept in a tightly in a long braid with red and blue ribbon laced into it. Her bangs are left free for the most part to frame a rounded slightly angular face. And sticking out of her hair slightly are her ears, both having a distinct point without much sign of any distinctive ear lobe.

The girl's eyes are slightly larger than normal and a deep rich blue, though oddly they show very little white, the iris being nearly twice as large as a normal person's. The girl's pupils are almond in shape oddly enough and seem to glow a dull blue in the dark when light glances off of them. above the eyes are thin, white eyebrows, both thin and arched slightly over the girl's large eyes. The woman also wears a small band of what appears to be braided leather, with a trapped red gem in a setting. The gem resting in the center of her forehead. When the girl talks or laughs she bears a set of sharp canines and incisors, the girl definitely having small fangs which fit neatly into her mouth. The girl's small mouth has a thin pair of lips which also share the odd darkened tint, leaving her to look as though she uses lipstick when she does not.

Her neck is long and leads into a wide pair of shoulders with good contrasting muscle tone. Her arms are long, hands small and long-fingered. The girl's full figure fills her current outfit rather nicely, her chest is rather large, bordering huge, and she's packing a rather wide, muscular pair of hips and the rear to match! Currently she wears a pair of leather sandals that strap up to just below her knee with a long studded leather strip up its center and along her shin. Above these are rather tight dark grey leggings designed more for comfort and ease of movement than to be revealing. Above these are a pair of crossed utility belts and she appears to be wearing a loin cloth as well, this probably as much of a style decision as well as something to preserve modesty, her loin cloth is primarily dark grey with black trimming. Over her lower legs are shin and knee guards, made of blackened durasteel. These also have a section which work to protect the top of the woman's feet and her toes. Giving her sandals the look of open-sided boots almost.

The loin cloth section actually seems to blend in on a bib/vest section which comes up her torso in wedge shape, the wider section at her shoulders, and the edge ending at the point of her shoulders. The head section has a low collar and a narrow v-cut shallow v in the front. Also underneath she's wearing a dark grey, almost black tight fitting long sleeved body type shirt to match her leggings, again really designed for comfort and movement, and at the same time still looking kind of good too! This leaves her, fore arms exposed and the middle of her arm bicep down to elbow as well, showing off fine tattooing along the center sideline of her arm, this resembling fine blue and silver filigree celtic knottwork. Over her hands she has a pair of black fingerless gloves, these strapping a few inches above her wrists, each having back hand guards and light wrist guards as well to protect the woman's hand. The right side holding a ten inch lng oval cylindrical storage device on it which hangs almost like a quiver just back of her right hip and out of the way for when the woman sits. Also near that is another cylinder which appears to be attached to the storage defice as well. Over her shoulders the woman often can be seen wearing a large black all weather cloak, and on her back she has a small backpack carrying various odds and ends.


I wrote to the requester about this a few days ago and they have replied!
So I am officially *YOINK*ing this!

I'll post a blog up once I've finished a few of the PMs that have been coming in recently...

~ Mercy