A Teenage Ex-Slave with a Bit of a Mean Streak! [Mercy]


I had such a great experience with my first request, that I thought I might try another, if this character catches anyone's fancy!

Cali is a seventeen year-old human slave-girl (the domestic cooking-and-cleaning kind, not the dancing kind), who has very recently been rescued from servitude in Mos Eisley by our campaign's heroes. She has short, spiky blonde hair (to counteract Tatooine's heat), possibly some freckles, and is a bit on the thin side (though not emaciated). She's quite a tomboy, and though she's currently wearing a short, fancy dress that she stole from a shop on Ryloth, she's quite obviously out of place in such a garment.

Though young, Cali has displayed a bit of a vengeful, murderous streak, likely the result of her life of servitude. Though she is generally upbeat and likes to joke around, her anger can erupt in an instant. She's taken to carrying a fearsome-looking vibroblade, pilfered from the body of a slaver who tried to forcibly bring her back into 'the business'.

Here's Cali in a scene from the campaign:


The Twi'lek motioned toward the shallow, dim tunnel in the floor. 

"Get in the hole."

With a screech of fury, Cali launched herself at the being, who overcame her easily, wrapping one of his beefy arms around her neck. Fiola could only stand frozen, not believing this was happening. "Just let us go!" she reasoned. "We've given you your property back. We didn't have to do that!"

With Cali struggling futilely in his grip, the Twi'lek smiled at the older girl. "I'll be sure to mention to Churk how honest and conscientious you are. It may raise your price somewhat. Get you sold to a nice, Imperial officer, maybe?"

Now it was Fi's turn to attack, throwing herself at the shopkeeper with mindless fury. The being sidestepped her easily, however, hoisting the prisoner in the crook of his arm painfully into the air.

"Whoah now, missy," he laughed. "Don't get excited! Wouldn't want me to trip and fall, and accidentally break your little friend's neck, would you?"

The little friend, however, had other plans. In a flash, Cali raised one hand to the Twi'lek's throat, driving something into the soft flesh there and unleashing a stream of blood. The shopkeeper made a disturbing 'hurk!' sound, and a face that would have been comical under any other circumstances. He slid to the floor, dead.

Cali stood gasping for air, regarding her handiwork. "I didn't escape from Bartok to get sold again by slime like you," she told the bleeding corpse. "Not in this galaxy."

Fi remained frozen in place, shocked by the girl's ferocity. Unable to talk about the act, she motioned instead toward the instrument Cali had used to carry it out. "Where did you get that?"

"This?" Cali asked, holding up the smallish kitchen vibroblade in her hand. "I've been carrying this around since Mos Eisley. I meant to stick it into Bartok, but I never got the opportunity."

"You've got a pretty cavalier attitude about this sort of stuff, Cali."

"I'll take that to mean, 'thank you for saving my hiney'."


Sorry this was so long... I hope you like it, and I hope someone can bring this character to life! :)


Man, I am real surprised this hasn't been picked up yet!

I think I'm gonna have to go ahead and claim this one!
So - quick question; what sort of costume is she in? I have this mental image of her in a 'kitty cat' or 'french maid' outfit, but if you have a specific costume in mind then you'd best let me know!


Couldn't wait! So I've drawn up a couple of sketches.
The Blog is up, so you can let me know what you think!