Beautiful Doctor and Loyal Bodyguard

Beautiful Doctor and Loyal Bodyguard

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A request from Purcell;

"My first request is Lorelai Rio my female Zeltron freelance doctor in her late twenties. She is your tipical Zeltron beauty but with a little geek in her. Light pink skin with long black hair with some red tips/highlights/streaks and brilliant green eyes. I would like her attire to complement her profession but also be practical, no lab coat or anything like that but maybe a medical satchel, trousers and a sleeveless top with soldier type boots? She is also armed with a single blaster pistol kept on her leg.

The second is Dieter Duran, Human soldier turned bodyguard for his old CO Alec Rio who saved his life during a petty war on a backwater planet. After his charge died of old age he commited his services to his daughter, Lorelai Rio. Still a young man in his very late twenties - early thirties looking somewhat burdaned with something (He loves Lorelai). Slightly tanned with an average build, brown hair and eyes. His hair is very short with a short beard/long stumble. The only distinguishing mark is a terrible scar on the right side on his face, something like Sgt Barnes from the movie Platoon. He wears simple armour that alloows him good protection and mobility maybe cut down Mandalorian armour? With no helmet. Being a soldier he is well adept and using weapons aswell as modifing them, his main weapon is a simple but customized blaster carbine which has a strap around the stock and front so it can be carried easily on the chest with a blaster pistol sidearm and a few stun granades. He secretly loves Lorelai but tries not to show it.

I would also like a picture of the two together maybe at a formal function dancing together close up on the two like the pictures done on this site of Te'ena Zollo & Atramilitis."

That's cool!
As I say, just thought I'd ask - there are only a few of us SWAG girls around, most people coming through are guys.
Glad you like the pic, anyway!

Mercy, you're in New Zealand right?

GReat pics! I lovee your Dieter one! Saw epi. 1 again and it was perfecto, just are those The N-1L light starfighters? I heard they were the N-1 predessors,

Great pic, Purcell sure is lucky, is girl a paramedic chick in real life world?

Red cross thing I was just asking,

YEh shes in NZ, and...

Guess what? Im in England! I go here every summer! A very warm and humid heatwave has infested the seaside, lovely to meet my brits again its wonderful!

We are 5hours ahead of NJ, 6 or 7 to LC, I dont Know about mercy though, 10:05 in NJ, 10:05 IN UK,

All the way up to 38 C! 104 F! usually it rains every day in england, and averages 58F not THIS summer!

IfI was a girly (bringing up the conversation mercy) I would definetely have a hairstyle just like mercy's Blood Aegis, I LOVE that pic, and especially Love her hairstyle!

Once again gret pic mercy and great request purcell,


Awesome, Mercy! I can't WAIT to see the Lorelai colored!!!

Hey cool!

Yeah, I'm a Kiwi-girl.
It's Winter over here at the moment and I believe we're GMT+12 hrs.
For reference, my computer's clock says it's 3pm now!

I'll post again when I have a bit of background done for Lorelai.
I was thinking of Dantooine as a reference point...


I was asking becuase the other half wants to go somewhere for our holidays this year and I was wondering whens the best time to go to New Zealand?

We've already done the US and France, she likes the shopping and all that crap, I just want somewhere quiet to go that isn't the English countryside.

Dantooine sounds good aswell :)

Uzes, France
Rocky mountains, Canada, British Columbia

Purcell geography is one of my strengths but, I cant think for some reason...

Dantooine is cool!

Im not a vacation reccommender, France, England, How about africa, or asia?

Id quite like togo to a rainforest some time,

If all the star wars planets were real, then it would be easy!

Do you like smelly rubbish? Raxus Prime is perfect vacation spot, it even has toxic air


NZ is nice, but you really want to come in Summer.
I would recommend Jan or Feb. There's lots to do in Queenstown, Christchurch is beautiful too. There's whale watching in Kaikoura, hot pools in Rotorua and Taupo, Hell's gate, Huka Falls... Take a look online, there's lots on the web with what you can do over here.
I live in Wellington (the capital) and the coffee here can't be beat. The Te Papa museum is really fun - you can easily lose the kids for a whole day there! There's a seal colony at Red-rocks, the Karori Wildlife sanctuary (mostly native birds), the cable car that runs up to the top of the Botanic Gardens (great view of Wellington from the hills above) and also the Observatory just to name a few places of interest.

I haven't done much traveling myself, though I'd like to. My better half comes from England and a few years back we went over for a family reunion. He also surprised me for my birthday while we were over there and took me to Paris for a few days! That was fantastic!!!

Kids? Hahaha, I'm almost 20 I don't have kids I wouldn't trust myself with them anyways. I've worked ever since I was 15 so I'm pretty much out for the relaxing but the girlfriend likes the shopping and whatnot.

Whale watching sounds amazing, and if its best to come in Jan or Feb it gives us a reason to get away from our HORRIBLE winters.

The only reason that I've managed to do so much travelling is that I've worked so much, I don't think I actually did anything else until I was 18(no sick days or anything). Go to work - come home and then repeat for 3 years straight haha.

Goodness! Well, I can see how you can afford to go travelling!
As I say - there's heaps of stuff on the web if you want to take a look at what's around in the country. Let me know if you make it over, yeah?

Anyway, I've got the background for Lorelai finished so I'll post it up now!

That new background reminded me of KOTOR 2 outside the caves...cant remeber the planet..but you get saber parts in the refugee camp

Well.. the tree looks Corellian... but the landscape does look a bit like that of Dantooine in KOTOR 2

As soon as I saw it I though "Dantooine KOTOR2" looks amazing.

Yeah if we decide to go I'll let you know where we are staying and stuff, meet up and have some drinks :D

Cheers guys! It is Dantooine, and it is referencing the KOTOR pictures!
(I must have got it right, then!!)

Purcell - yeah man, that would be cool!

I like the Dantooine background. It is always a nice place to visit. I love playing the Kotor games and when Mercy did the Jedi Padawans for me she did the background from Dantooine.

Keep up the great work Mercy.

-LC :-)

Yeah, I liked the background for that one too, LC!

I'm having some trouble deciding on a colour scheme here...

Purcell, let me know what one your gf likes the look of, yeah?
I can try any other colour combination that she'd like to see too.

Comments from the community gratefully received!!

I like the middle one best Mercy... I think it's because it stands out from the background better :)

She likes the green and yellow one best.
She also wanted to know if you could make the skin abit darker/Zeltronish (just a little mind you)?
Its my fault, I put light pink instead of the looooong description of colour she gave me over the phone (=

And theres nothing like bigging up a good artist *continues applause*

P.S. they all look great!

Sweet as!

I was gonna make the skin more pinky anyway - this is just the base coat, sort of thing.
But she likes the green one? Okay, this is why it pays to ask. 'Cause I was leaning towards the red (for the same reason, Xan)...

She said that there would be to much red on her if she went with the red.

I liked all of them :P

Fair enough, I'll go with the green then!

Heh... ShadowWalker told me that I had an artistic eye... even though I don't have the talent :) ... the green should look good against the darker pink though :)

You do have a good eye for colour, Xan!

I've got the skin done, I think. Would she still like it a little more pinky, Purcell?
It wouldn't be hard to alter...

That looks just peachy :)
You really do outdo yourself Mercy.

I dont know what to say merc, Its absolutely wondeful!

Will post again when I have a little more done...


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