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This request from thatoneguy;

"My character is in an online game called star wars combine. The time frame is set pretty much after the movies were set and we went from there (10 years in). My character is of the Nautolan race, a race that lives underwater (yet some live above water).

Character Description:
Age: 27
Race: Nautolan
Skin Color: Blue
Apparel: Dark Brown Cloak (much like the ones Jedi use) (Side Note: I like this picture ( ) But I like the tentacles to hang outside of the cloak (hood up preferably)
Identifiable Markings: Tattoo symbol on the left side of his neck
Weapons: He always has 2 Vibro blades, one on the inside of his cloak (side stomach), and the other at his ankle/sheen
Profession: Space Pilot (Would smuggle if it had a large enough profit to it), Hired Gun, Pirate that is waiting for a chance to make it big
Alignment: Dark Side, with his own goals and aspirations other than the Sith

Character Bio:
[This Character] was born on Tellus under an very restricting group called Tresario Star Kingdom (TSK). As he grew up, helping his Father in the kelp fields, the general mind set of the older Nautolans grew on him, that being TSK as a surpressive group to the Nautolans and they needed to be taken out of power. The main factor that inspired many of the Nautolan warriors to fight the unwanted government was that the government itself did not care for the Nautolans like other Nautolans did... like brothers. When he was old enough he started gambling, starting out he lost most of his savings. Yet after a while, of trial and error he learned the ins and outs of the card games the Nautolan gamblers played, and started winning. He saved up all his winnings and once he had enough money to buy a star ship, he took up the chance. His first ship was a Z95-Headhunter in-which he named Hammerhead, after his little brothers middle name. He grew tired of the ruling government and took off into the stars in search of a new job, and to one day take back his homeland of Tellus.

He didn't get far before he realized the universe was big, and he did not want to stray far from his home. Staying in the Dolomar sector, he found that all the other planets in his home system were led, and ruled by the Corporate Alliance (CA), a trading faction which also owns Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.. Hailing a nearby ship owned by CA. Soon enough he got a job working close to the owner, Siejo Kutol. He has been working with Siejo eversince... Doing odd jobs, and enjoying life in space.

Siejo banded all the Nautolans up together into a Brotherhood, called the Nautolan Society. In this society there are two groups (Information below) Clan Nautola, and Clan Rak'Qua. He became apart of Rak'Qua with his goal of one day setting free his homeworld of Tellus."

PS 2/12/09
Sorry if this bumps the picture - request updated to remove references to Character's name.



So this is the next one in the list!

I haven't heard from the requester in a while, so I've sent him an email and hopefully we'll see him soon! Until then, I'll leave this request open...


That's really cool and pretty "hawt". I quite like the blade and the scale-esq design of the bracers.

Bravo! Bravo!


Cheers, LC!

Okay, I've got some of the light and shadow done but I'm still not completely happy with it...
I'll post again soon, I just think I might have overdone it with the shine and it's washed out all the hard work and detail I put in elsewhere.


Will try again tomorrow...


I'm not to sure you over did it. I like the way you lit this one. It brings out the wicked look on his face. Its a bad a** piece

I have ADOS..Attention Deficit...OOOH Shiny


Really? Okay, cool!

Well, I guess there's not much more to do on him...
If you're happy with it, thatoneguy, I'll just post him to gallery!


Oh yeah bro. I love your work! Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed drawing my character :-)

Again, thank you


She's a girl, tahtoneguy... calling her bro just seems wrong.. lol ... Very nice job Mercy.


Call me curious... but why does this old WIP keep getting booted to the top of the WIP's when nothing has been changed?