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A new request from CenedraNasio;

"Kitsune is part of a small resistance force on Arkania that is helping to fight back against the Sith. Our game currently takes place during the Sith wars in the KOTR time frame. She has an athletic build, bone white skin since she is a Nagai and long jet black hair with beads and feathers woven into it. She doesn't carry any weapons with her since she is a martial artist. She dresses in a steam-punk fashion since she is part of the resistance and resources are scarce. One of her favorite things to wear are goggles on top of her head. Thats pretty much it for her description. Bone white skin, black hair with beads and feathers woven into it, steam punk style clothes and goggles :) Feel free to have fun with the rest of her outfit!"

The first two sketches are pre-description, so I will now get to work on one that is more fitting to the character!



Martial artists usually know how to kick keyster in any form of clothes. However I understand the point. I'd say do a mix of asian theme clothes and the steam punk. Might take work and time but I have faith in the great Mercy here. ^_^


So I've been told. At least till I have reason to be snarly and mean...or have a bad day. XD


Holy Wow!!1 You have improved so much from when you were first accepted into the guild and that's saying a lot! Great sketch and design! Keep it up!


Thanks, Derf!

Setie, it's good to be able to bring out the snarl once in a while, I think. A friend once told me it was like being savaged by a small chicken...


Okay, I think this one's about done!
I think I like it better with the mist than without - thoughts?


Definitely lovin the mist. Glad you got the outfit all plotted out...I have to be evil and ask though. Are those boxers she wearing? XD


Neat! We'll go with the mist, then.

Ha! No, not boxers Setie - just patterned shorts...
I'll throw this up to the gallery, then!


I love the use of black and red on her outfit. Compliments and gives a sense of both danger and dashingness to the look.

The feathers are nice touches too.

As always, my mind is blown.


Thank you so much! She is just as I pictured her! You are the best and have outdone yourself yet again :)