Older Anakin [ShadowDeep]

I need a depiction of Anakin/Vader, had he not been burned on Mustafar. He's the Emperor (inspired by the alternate ending in ROTS video game) so I'd like something formal, but not like Palpatine's dress robe. Also I was thinking shorter kept hair and wisp of grey.

That's all I have, other than that him wearing a version of his Vader armor would be nice, and I'd like his lightsaber in view.



Mkay, I completely understand the hesitation on official characters. Hopefully someone looks at this and still does it, but I don't expect anything.


problem with doing Canon characters comes from Lucas' copywrite. Sorry, but officially I don't think this one can be taken. I wouldn't plan on seeing it done. I think it says in the rules that requests for canon characters aren't to be made, but I'll let Eclipse decide the fate of this request :)


Eclipse states in the post you directed me to to states to go ahead and request it, so I believe this request is safe to stay here.

Pete -Shadowdeep-

What the heck. I've been out of the game for a long time, but I like the sound of this one.

So. I claim this request as mine.



Sweet jesus it's a miracle! I was starting to waver on doing this game (for other reasons) but I take this as a sign that it was meant to be :P. Thanks Pete!

P.S. I was looking for this thread in the request section and thought it had been deleted, lol.