Ona & Mama Lizard request


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Request from Kalenath.

Scene from the on-going story HERE in which Mama Lizard (Barabel) comforts Ona (Bothan), a healer of the Bladeborn.

I find this an interesting concept, partly for trying to convey emotion on non-human faces, partly because the subjects are also dark-siders.

Stay tuned!
~ Mercy



Oh my god... Wow, Mercy...

As a start that looks AWESOME.

I can't wait to see what you do with this.


Skin tones done. Trying to decide on a background to go with the dark skin and clothing...


Well, that scene takes place in Mama's den, a comfortable room that serves as her 'office'. Its a cross between a living room and a psychiatric counselor's office. (No, the Sith NEVER need shrinks, do they?)

Think a well lit, comfortable living room in a cave. Couches, chairs and such scattered around. Oh and Mama was serving tea. (I just had the image of Mama asking 'would you like sugar with that' and snickered.) She may be an evil, seven foot tall lizard woman, but she is kind when she can be. And she takes her duty to be the clan mother to her strange clan VERY seriously, as Trugoy finds out later on in that story. And she does love her clan, deeply.

Being somewhat artistically challenged myself, -as in I CAN draw stick figures if I try hard enough- I have no idea what would work for a background, but the expressions are absolutely perfect.


honestly I think the background should be simple. Something cream colored and not overly done.


I really like ^_^ The only question I would have is....Ona is a medic... Don't all medics ware white? lol Although with them being sith....But Anyways, I like ^_^


I LIKE it.

About medics, Sith medics likely would wear a light gray, not white. But Ona is a bit different of course. And I don't know how a gray would come out in the picture.

Mama Lizard's attire is just about perfect. All she needs is two axe handles sticking up behind her. She carries them slung across her back.

And Ona's legs are mechanical.

Other than that, wow, nice job Mercy. Keep it up! You can draw any of my characters anytime.


Glad you like, as for the comments.

* Sorry, I just got told "Both wear black of course, being Sith." I could have a go at changing this now, though.
* I didn't get the mechanical legs in (I'd decided they were under her pants...) because I wanted the focus of the piece to be the eyes, and the bottom of the picture would be very 'washy'.
* If you want I could probably drop in an axe handle behind Mama's shoulder.



Drew in an Axe for Mama.
Altered Ona's clothing to be more blue-grey in tone.

Look better?


oh yeah, that is just too cool. I think people will like to see another side of the Dark Side. :)


I appreciate of mercy's blog, his concept are very good and so talent in art. I like all awesome emotions. His creation is very nice, all emotions are very sweet, but I like black and white. This emotion looking cool and pretty. I'm very curiosity how to draw like that emotion.