Bella 's force-vision

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Bella is extremely conflicted - Miras was her Master, and taught her to be a Force-user in a roundabout way, but Carud is what can be her future. He has adopted Bella’s daughter by Mandalorian law as his own. Bella loves and respects her Master, feels guilty that he died protecting her, but feels the Mandalorian way is where her future lies- the way of the warrior instead of the way of the peacekeeper. Metaphorically, she’s standing on two worlds and needs to decide which way to go.

I don’t want this to be a clean-cut allegory; the theme here is conflict. Bella sees the Mando as what may be her and her daughter’s future- a new start away from her past with a new culture, but she has massive amounts of survivor’s guilt towards her Master. She also knows that the rest of the Mandalorian squad she’s been associating with don’t like the Jediise.

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You know Mercy, every time I look at this picture, and the one you did before, I keep noticing details that I didn't seem to grasp before. You are simply brilliant.


i love this pic, its awesome :)

I particularly like the folded cloth and pattern on the right character, a Miraluka?



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