High Host Atticus Range

Dran Shukkan are extremely devout towards their religion and its teachings. The Dran Shukkan believe that they are the guests of Shukkanna the Benefactor at the Galla event of life. As worthy and honored guests, it is their responsibility to have the best time at “The Party” as possible. Most followers have a different opinion of exactly what this mission means, but the majority feel that it is their responsibility to have fun no matter what the consequences. As a result, most Dran Shukkan are immoral, selfish brutes who do their best to fill out the ranks of the galactic underworld. Many of the Dran Shukkan's immoral activities generate income which funds their spritiual centers; opulent, wandering, space station temples, which often house females, younglings, and those who must find the path back to happiness. Pilgrims on this journey are assisted by Hosts, whose job it is to make sure all guests are enjoying themselves at the Galla. Hosts wield incredible power in Dran Shukkan society, and their services do not come cheap. Many are as corrupt as their followers and can reap incredible rewards. The life of a Host is a cut-throat, manipulative existance and only the very best survive. Of those, the most ruthless and cunning may become High Hosts, who are considered to be direct conduits to Shukanna, the Benefactor. The High Host, Atticus Range, oversaw the station in which Arakand Bast spent his early years. When Bast's organization fell apart, he returned for a while to his first home to be rejuvinated. His reputation had preceded him, and his old friend Range took a personal interest helping him once again see what a wonderful party he was attending. Several assassination attempts on Bast convinced Atticus Range that the primary goal was to get the bounty cancelled. In addition, he felt it would be best for Arakand Bast to make a fresh start so that he did not place himself back in the situation from which he was trying to escape. To that end, Range contacted Sloane, the enigmatic industrialist, for assistance. Together, Range and Sloane arranged for Bast, and his bounty, to disappear. The nature of Atticus Range's relationship with Sloane is unknown. For Sloane, who is one of the most wealthy and mysterious beings in the galaxy, to have assisted in this way, it must be surmised that either he profitted incredibly, or Range has unparralleled sway over him.