Subpro SU-96 Predator-Class Attack Boat

Type: Multi-role light capital ship
Scale: Capital

The SU-96 was Subpro Corporation's first and only attempt at cashing in
on the wave of revolt and rebellion sweeping the Galaxy during the rise of
the Empire. Driven to desperation by an unpopular product line, and
operating under the shadow of more successful companies, like Incom,
Subpro designed and produced the Predator to fill the need for cheap,
easy to produce, combat-capable capital ships. A light capital ship with
both anti-capital and anti-starfighter weaponry, the Predator failed to find
success with larger navies due to its inability to carry fighters, large troop
complements or copious amounts of war materiel. The Predator was a
fighting ship without a role to fill.

By a stroke of luck, the Predator class of vessel finally found a mission to
when it's modest production run of initial models were put to use by the
rebel alliance in a fleet security role and as attack vessels in anti-shipping
operations. The Predators excelled in the latter role, especially in the early
days of the rebellion, when imperial shipping convoys were accompanied by
light escorts. As Imperial Convoys became more fortified, the alliance's
Predator started to receive heavier losses, despite new tactics that had
ships operating in squadrons rather than lone attackers. Heavy losses and
the diminished numbers of vessels at hand made the Predators a rather
scarce vessel in the Rebel Navy and as the rebellion sought to capture,
rather than destroy, imperial supplies in the latter days of the rebellion, the
Predators faded into obscurity, despite modifications to substitute its main
turbolaser turret for an ion-cannon emplacement.

The model received renewed attention from the rebel special forces corps,
which did not require large numbers of troops or cargo in their vessels and
could put the Predator's multi-role design to good use. Alliance special
forces rounded up the few remaining Predators in the fleet and even
requisitioned a small production run of new vessels, which Subpro eagerly

With alliance special forces, the Predator's continued in their anti-shipping
and attrition role, but also carried out a number of hit-and-run tactical
operations which required speed, stealth, and heavy firepower, such as
mine-clearing, anti-sensor attacks, armed reconnaissance, operator
extraction, and "seek-and-destroy" patrols.

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