Ta'ena Zollo & Atramilitis

This last one is the third in the series for LAKilroy32, featuring Atramilitis, the Togrutan Sith, and Ta'ena Zollo, his Twi'lek lover. This last request was;

"I am planning on having the two as companions and I think it would a great pic to have a profile of Ta'ena pulling back Atramilitis' hook to reveal his face completely. This pic would also show Atramilitis' short stature as he will be 2 inches or so shorter than Ta'ena."

Blog for all 3 is HERE.

Also, Wiki pages for Ta'ena Zollo and Atramilitis showing the original pictures for each!

Lord Crumb

"Close to the Dark Side you edge, beware that PG past you don't go" Just joshing with you. It is a very intimate picture and very well done. Is he looking at her belly button or just admiring her awesome body? Great picture.

-LC :-)


*get some ice for everyone*

Wow Mercy your really good as sitting on that PG/R line. Maker bless you for it! ^_^


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