Tusserk Antilles, Trandoshan Jedi

This was the first real portrait-style piece I did of Tusserk, with gratuitous 'KOTOR' glory going on there in the background. ;) When he made the realisation that he'd sooner have his connection to the Force severed altogether than willingly call upon the Dark Side, he became quite the righteous champion of the Light. And in doing so, found himself at constant odds with other members of the Squad...

(...resulting in dozens of hilarious, awesome, crazy yelling matches across the table at ridiculous hours of the night as us humble players argued about whether or not those NPCs we just slaughtered had families that we should send compensation to, and other such madness. Good times, good times.)


Nice to see Tusserk in a brighter light! I think the kotor effect looks good here.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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Love the aura of dramatic goodness ya got going on here.
I'm really getting to like these characters.


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