Tran Lurov

A Request from Toyaoka;

"Hey! I have a male Miraluka called Tran Lurov that I play in my current Star Wars RPG game. Tran's class is a Noble but definitely with a hint of Scoundrel. Whether it be talking bargains, politics or being a diplomat he is definitely a smooth operator. A quirk that Tran has is he is a cleptomaniac and has an interest in discovering new finds. He dresses very rich and chooses to wear colored glasses to cover his eyes. For combat Tran usually favors a pistol but if possible will use his skills in talking his way out of situations. Tran is most comfortable in a public setting on on the ship with the crew."

Blog HERE.


Awesome coloring, shading and atmosphere, Mercy. The folds in his clothing are top notch.

If there's anything I would comment about is that the parts of his outfit that's covering his arms and legs isn't cylindrical enough and looks a bit flattened out. The leg outstretched towards us is perfect. That doesn't look flat at all.

Great job overall.

Lord Crumb

My wife and I had a disagreement about who he looked like. In the blog I said he reminded me of Cyclops from the X-men but my wife said he looks like Gambit. She could be right.

It's a great pic. You just keep turning out better quaility pics all the time. Keep it up.

-LC :-)

P.S. What's in the box? I know, it is some of his mom's special made brownies. Ha Ha Ha.


I think he looks great and just what Toyaoka was looking for! Awesome job!


Heh heh! Cheers guys, glad you all like it!
What's in the box? I dunno, I kind liked that whole 'Pulp fiction' thing - you never get to know...

Hish - I think you're right, and now I can't un-see it. Bother. Thanks for the pointer, though.


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