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Original request by relentlessimp HERE.

This was posted back in November, I think, so I don't know if the requester is going to return. Anyway, I've sent him an email, and you never know...

In any case, it's one more down from the backlog!

~ Mercy



wow...can't speak for Imp of course, but that definitely resembles how I saw Zyon in my head. And it's just perfect that you're the one doing this request, since you did the most excellent drawing of Zyon's current mentor, Jedi Knight and Historian, Vidaa Chu'raan.

I love the use of subdued colours and the almost sad look upon his face...shows well the emotional troubles that cross the mind of the padawan.


Hey! Thanks EvilWalks!!

I didn't know the two requests were related at all - so I'm very pleased I took it! I didn't know his name, either, so it's nice to have one to put to the face!

Cheers darl,
~ Mercy


Uh. Wow. That's really about all I can say. I had almost forgotten I'd submitted the request, then get an email out of the blue about being contacted. The art looks incredible. I especially like the almost dream-like quality the entire piece evokes (at least to me - it may just be my eyes after 48 hours with no sleep).

Mercy - thank you. You've dredged my first seriously thought-out Star Wars character into living color. (Sola doesn't count, I think.)



Hey good to hear from you, and I'm so glad you like the piece!
If all is well I might just load it up to gallery then!

Cheers guys!
~ Mercy