Amarath Shades - Kiffar Merc


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REQUEST from Setie, to go with the 'Sith Runnaway' Picture;

"Amarath Shades is a kiffar mercenary with a rather intimidating appearance. At least now. An accident with explosives took her left arm and eye, causing her to get cybernetic replacements. She doesn't have a lot of money though so her mechanical limbs are second hand and no where near the nice sleek and human looking ones (like Luke got in Empire Strikes Back).

Even before becoming a merc and the accident she was a tomboy. Shades liked technology and was very handy with computers. Her skills with droids and explosives was nothing to sneeze at either. She is very much a combat tech for hire.

Her hair is black and shaggy since she forgets to get regular trimmings, but short to keep it out of her way. Her normal eye (right one) is a dark blue. She also has a red tattoo line that curls around her left cheek and crosses her nose before stopping in a point.

Amarath usually wears light armor so she can move in a fight and has all kinds of pouches and holsters for tools, grenades, and her blaster rifle on her back when she needs her hands free. Her arm has a computer she installed into it herself along with a switch blade that can come out over the hand. Kinda like the punch knife off the game Assassin's Creed but on top of the hand instead of underneath it.

Shades is a smoker and she usually has a cigarra in her mouth."

I have attempted to put her in the same 'flight suit' sort of uniform I had Setie in in the Runnaway picture, although I might change the colour if you think it more appropriate. Dark blue to go with her eye, perhaps?



Bother - just realised I've put the punch dagger on the heel of her palm instead of over it...
Also, I think I may have swapped which eye is her good one. Dammit!!!

Let me know if I can keep going with this, I could flip it to make the eye thing work, but I'm a bit stumped when it comes to the dagger. Anyway, let me know, k?


heh.. you got the whole picture backwards Mercy.. just flip it :) ... ((It is her left arm and left eye :)


I'll post a flipped copy - it always looks so weird flipped over...
Thanks Xan, man!


Anytime :) ... she does look slightly odd that way.. I think it's the positioning of her body.


I have to say I agree, the one with the cybernetics on the right looks better, and now that I think of it, makes more sense. Most folks are right handed and it makes sense that whatever hand she uses the most would be the cybernetic one.

Since I'm the creator, I'm all for leaving it as her right hand, when I write her usually say mechanical and normal instead of right and left anyways, so it's all good. :)


Okay, sweet as!

I haven't started colouring her yet anyway, so I'll start on the original rather than the flipped copy. Awesome!

~ Mercy


Lol Lord, you have no idea. The insanity of some of the stuff I've done with this girl...

Like shooting her jedi sister in the knee cap. Then there's the time she was running away from a jedi, a mando, a psycho twi'lek, and a republic spy through Coruscant...

Now she's on a a cruiser she set to blow up fighting 2 jedi, the same psycho twi'lek, and a slicer. XD

She's only a little touched in the head. ;)

She looks awesome Mercy thanks a bunch! Your really good at getting the personalities of characters into your pictures. I can totally imagine her wiping out a detonator and laughing as she takes off out of the blast range. XD

By the way...should I just bring my next character to you? Specially since he's tangled up with Trisskar here and you've done a ton of pics for her. XD


Heh! Glad you like, darl - she certainly sounds like a crazy kid to have around!
I'll post the picture to the Gallery...

As for the next character; yeah, bring it on! PM me the details and I'll take a look at it.
Sounds like fun!