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New request from Setie, to go with the last two;

"Sadik is a Bladeborn, which is something of an offshoot sith sect. Best way to describe them is to think of samurai. They are mostly melee combat specialists and usually sacrifice fancy dark side force powers (like lightning) for that. They prefer blades over lightsabers (though they have those too) because they feel a blade has more of a soul. They also maintain a bit more respect for people then normal sith. They are however, ruthless, brutal, and have no qualms about taking people apart that get in their way or insult them. Like the samurai they have a code of conduct they are honor bound to follow and they do commit seppuku if they fail, or they get beheaded via their own.

Sadik himself is pretty much a lion in a man's body. He's a very proud person and does have some right to it, but he's smart enough to know his limitations. He is however more laid back (his master says lazy) then some of the others and that causes them to frown at him often. He has never however failed to follow their honor code or do his duties, he's just lazy about the rest of life.

Appearance wise he's very much a pretty boy. He has shoulder length blond hair he usually has in a low tail and a fashionable little soul patch on his chin. While he might be angelic in the face, his nose is off center from it getting broken years ago. His eyes (like a good lion's) are gold in color. It's not uncommon for Sadik to have some girl trying to get his attention and him basically sighing at their silliness.

Like any Bladeborn, he's never far from his sword, and has been known to smack people that try to grab it. Usually he walks around with it in his hands like a cane, or holding it behind his back like a soldier at attention (blade basically parallel to the spine. If he needs his hands he can strap it onto his actual back. The sword itself is simple and sharp in the blade, the hilt is black with gold tips and fancy in it's tooling showing that he took a lot of time with it when he put it together. The sheath is a simple black and like the sword has a cortosis weave in it (to stand lightsaber strikes). Aside from the sword, Sadik usually has a long knife in his boot and an actual lightsaber on his belt.

Clothes wise, Sadik's robes are practial and he is almost always in black. More because it's easier to hide and get blood stains out of black then any other color.

In case you decide to going showing his arms off, on his upper arm there's a brand of a sword, not to fancy but not just plain either. The higher in rank you go the more fancy the brand, Sadik is technically rank 2 so the basic sword is then I think half a sun (the beginning of the day being metaphorical for being born)"



I do like the pose! Perfect lion there! I even like the mark being on his upper arm...*grumble* evil dm's and their specific places...

Maybe I should add a tattoo along with that brand...

Kidding! I'll behave! Though I was wondering if you might make the sword longer? I know I've suddenly turned picky, what an evil thing I am! >_<

You don't even need to add the fancy design really, just more length to the blade, after all it's a pain to clean blood out of intricate nooks and crannies! XD


And a red cord wrapped around his wrist! ^_^ Can't forget that little trinket can we?! *Is teasing and poking fun coz she's bored >_< *


Heh heh!

I will certainly be able to move the tattoo to his fore-arm with no great difficulty. And I should be able to lengthen it too. I had left it pretty basic because, in your original description, you'd said 'brand' instead of 'tattoo' and there's only so much detail you can get in what is essentially a burn...

As for adding the red cord to his wrist - I'm guessing this is a token from Triss?
I had kinda assumed this was a 'pre-Triss' picture, but I could probably turn one of his hand-wraps into a red cord, if you like? (poor bored kitten!)

Don't he look like he's posing for GQ, though?! What a show off!


Oh , bother!!

Just taken a glance at the picture again - totally forgot about the sodding wraps going right up his fore-arm!


May have to have a think about this...


Hmm...I can't think of anything to show off the brand (that's what it is I'm sorry for confusion, sleep deprivation does that) without losing the awesome pose. Maybe we can throw it in another pic down the road. I'm sure a few folks wouldn't mind a shirtless Sadik pic! XD

The brand itself is perfect. When I mentioned lengthening I meant the sword on the ground, it seems short to me, but then I might just be silly or you're already planning on making it longer! XD

I know I know I'm turning into some picky pain in the rear. I'll stop now...>_<


Oh, I see! Sorry, my misunderstanding!

Yeah, lengthening his weapon (no laughing, girls!) shouldn't be too difficult. I'm still trying to think of some way to get the brand shown - maybe you're right, maybe on the next one. Triss sent me a neat scene that she'd like to see rendered (I can flick it on to you for consideration, if you like) in which I could lose the hand-wraps and show the brand off.

Thanks for the input, by the way. I love that you're so involved and connected to these characters - so I want to get them right too! And it's a real pleasure to work with you!

~ Mercy

PS - it's so windy here in Wellington I've just got up, myself, after a terrible night's sleep. I write this at 6:30 on a Saturday morning... *cry!*


Had a quick play just now...

* I've lengthened his sword - I agree, on second glance it was too short.

*I've moved the brand and 'loosened' his hand wraps to show it off a little. Actually, I kinda like the idea that it might be hidden from view a bit! Is it okay there? Does it look too far around on the arm?

Let me know what you think, k?
~ Mercy


Cheers guys! Glad it's going down well!

I'll just post one with the skin and hair coloured...


This one is shaping up nicely. I would add a touch more hair to his chin area to make him a little less feminine looking, but that's just my two cents. Feel free to ignore me. =)

Top notch work as always Mercy.


Heh, thanks 7!
However Pretty-boy with a soul-patch is what was requested, so I could make him look a bit more rugged with some stubble or whatever but then I think you'd lose that look...


Well could try it both ways and see which looks better couldn't we?. After all, pretty does not always mean perfectly clean shaven after all. Imagine with the broken nose it would make Sadik look rough. Interesting addition on a pretty face and likely promotes girls to poke at him out of curiosity. XD


Sure thing, I'll give it a go.

After some prodding I've got a sketch done of that 'near kiss' you guys requested. I don't know if it's what you're wanting and I can always give it another go later if it isn't.
Anyway, I'll post it to this blog so you can take a look.



Picture is resolving as a thumbnail on the edit screen, but I can't seem to get it to resolve properly here. This has happened before, so just leave it a bit and maybe it will come right...


Yea...hmmm I am un-able to see the "Near-Kiss" One *Cries sadly*

As for the Stubble...As Triss would say "Awwww how Kyoot! ^_^" LoL


Heh, he does look good with the stubble. Thanks Mercy you rule! *hugs the Mercy*

And like everyone else I can't see the other pic. *pouts*


Here we go! Got it working!

Glad the stubble is well received - I'll leave it as is, then!


Ok I can see the "Almost Kiss" pic now ^_^ Yay!!

First off, I have to say....Sadik looks Perfect! I absolutely LOVE the expression on his face!!!

Triss though...I dunno...she But I'm not sure how to fix the off-ness, or how to describe how I see it >_< (If anyone wants to give a go, please feel free!)

I think she should possibly "be closer to him, more erect posture perhaps arcing back a bit with a less severe tilt between the neck and head"

Hmmmm I'll post more when the thoughts come to me, so not sure how to describe it >_<


Hmm...I agree with Triss there. Something off there. Maybe arc the back the other way, as if in invitation instead of submission. We all know Triss don't submit for nobody. :P

Sorry Mercy, I know we're gonna have you ripping your hair out by the end of this aren't we? ^_^;;


Okie-dokie. I'll have another go and see what happens.
I can't re-draw just one of them, unfortunately!

I have done a bit more on the Sadik picture, so his clothes are coloured now. I'll post it up for you. I'll post again soon!


Sweet!! Love the colors so far! Good work!

And yea, I expected some things would have to switch with Sadiks posture >_< sadly. Sorry for being difficult!!

The way I Imagined would Kind Of be like a dance...where the male tips the female in a dip? how the female leans back?? Just not so far down.... >_< How embarrassing...a writer that can't find the right descriptive words >_<


I think what they are trying to say is... His hands, down around her waist, holding her close, with her back arched so that she's looking up into his eyes. ... So their bodies are closer, but her upper body is arched back enough that she is still in control of what's going on.

I could be wrong :)


Kinda like that Xan, but more angry violence. Come on these are sith we're talking about here, they can't be comfy with this situation. Hence why Triss and I think Sadik is right on the money. ^_^


So you want her grasping his shirt, while he's holding her hips... and both of their faces say, I hate you.. and I hate you too? :)


except Triss would be more shocked and "Holy crap!* while sadik is, well.... exactly seen in the pic now :-p


I will post the scene with the picture once it gets done - sorry Xan, it is described but just not here!


Okay, I think this one of Sadik might be done!
Let me know and I'll load it to gallery...


Okay.... I love the sword so much... I Want one now... lol... beautiful work Mercy...

And no need to apologize to me, I was trying to help Settie and Triss to describe it, for the fun of it :)


The Sadik, he is tasty and devious looking! ^_^

Very much the lion at rest that I always imagine him. You rule again Mercy! I know you got folks waiting in the wings to plead for pics there so I shall behave now and only poke about that tension moment with Sadik and Triss.

To quote Aphrodite from Summon the Keeper. "Sexual tensions...I just LOVE sexual tensions..."


Okay! Second attempt of the 'near-kiss' is now up.
A lot more tilted and I hope Triss is a bit closer to how you visualise her - a bit more 'Holy crap', as you put it, in any case!

(And I've run out of drawing paper - I need to go get some more...)


LOL Running out of paper!! Wow..I soooo know how that is!! I really should get back into art...

Second attempt looks Much closer to how I imagined Triss ^_^ Good Job Mercy!


I have to agree, 2nd one is better. Has more of that fear from not understanding what's going on and your just waiting to see who pulls a knife to defend themselves. XD

Triss your a dope! :P His hand was on her face before he got all rawrish on her. So it's fine.

Can't wait to see it colored Mercy.


Hmmm... Don't know why this picture hasn't turned up in the gallery yet. I submitted it on Wednesday...

Anyway, I'm starting the colouring of the new pic. I'll post something up in a bit!

~ Mercy


Okay! Here's the colour version!

I had to make Triss' butt a bit bigger, to balance her head...
I knew it looked a bit out, I just couldn't quite see why!

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with it. Thoughts?


WOW Mercy... that's just beautiful.. You really Outdid yourself this time.. The ambient light, the shadows just Wow... Great Job!


Oh...My.....0_0.... Mercy you outdid yourself! That'! Thank you so much Mercy! It is beautiful!


Awesome! So glad you like, guys!!

Actually I have one more to throw up there - cause I only noticed afterwards that I forgot both Sadik's brand and his stubble...
So here's the improved version!


Only thing I pout about is that Sadik's stubble is hard to see, I think that's just the lighting though and I LOVE the lighting so meh! I'm sure people can figure out he's a guy there. XD