Ta'ena Zollo & Atramilitis


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Another Personal Request!
This one from LAKilroy32;

"The first is Ta'ena Zollo a female purple skinned Twi'lek. She would be your basic Twi'lek dancer or what have you. Her skin would be a pale pastel purple. Her attire would be dark red in color, if possible, I would rather give up my perfered color to have something that will compliment her skin tone. She would be wearing full length leggings, high boots, some sort top that covers only the necessary parts, gloves to her elbows and a long sleeveless coat(hanging to approx her knees). She would have a simple dagger sheathed on one upper arm. I would also like her to be holding a blaster similar to the one on the following page. http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/8/82/Ir-5_blaster_pist...

The other is Atramilitis, a Togrutan Sith. He is short and skinny. Atramilitis has dark red skin with normal white patterns on his face, lekku and montral the white patterns of skin have been accentuated by tatooing of dark red and black. He will be wearing just a normal brown tunic and dark brown pants and boots. Most of which will be covered by a loose fitting black cloak similar to what the sith of Episodes 1 - 3 wore. I'm hoping that the hood of the cloak can shade a lot of his face while having lekku and montral exposed. If at all possible I would like him to be drawn while shooting Force Lightning.

Also, I am planning on having the two as companions and I think it would a great pic to have a profile of Ta'ena pulling back Atramilitis' hook to reveal his face completely. This pic would also show Atramilitis' short stature as he will be 2 inches or so shorter than Ta'ena."

So more three requests really but I'll take a stab at them, see what happens...



Wikia Character Page HERE.

Okay, so I realise I've neglected to include the sleeveless coat, and I couldn't manage to get the Twi'lek dagger into the picture, but otherwise I think it's about right...


Yeah? I have to say, I thought it looked kinda unwieldy, to be honest - but I guess it definitely does look future-tech!


So great! I like the pose. Congratulations, this portrait is a very beautiful success!
She is a perfect generic rpg character ! I saw Ta'ena is purple skinned. Is it possible to see her with green skin too ?
Thank you in advance.


Hey Derf, I think this is a RPG Character request, rather than a generic NPC. So I doubt the requester would like me to change the colour on him!
However, perhaps I can include a green version as well if he is not against the idea.


Hey Mercy,
I know this is a rpg character, but i think she could be usefull for the game.
That would be great to have a green version of the character! ;) ;)


Here's the first base colour version.
Let me know if this needs changing at all, k?



Well, with the tone and lighting done I think this one's about complete!
I've also included a green version, just for giggles, but I will only be loading the lavender version to the gallery.

All good?


Okay, here's a couple of sketches.

I wanted to have a go at the character before covering him with the cloak cause it kinda hides everything...
Anyway, let me know what you think and I'll start with the colour.


Thanks man.
Problem with the cloak covering more and more of him is exactly that - you end up with just a cloak and a couple of lekku sticking out!
I have drawn most of the face showing in the cloak picture so that I have something to put the shadow on, but I can throw a lot of it into darkness none-the-less.


I love that first pic of atramilitis. very confident look to his face. I need to play one of these. They always look cool


Thanks Casca! Yeah, I kinda liked the first one too!
Unfortunately it didn't quite fill the brief. Perhaps I'll get around to colouring it anyway for another character...


These are really good. I especially like the togruta with the force lightning. Have you ever thought about making your own comic books?


Aw, you're lovely! Thanks darl!

As for the answer, yes - I (and probably most of the artists here) have thought about it, even started my own comics, but have never followed it up. Wouldn't it be great if we were all paid for what we loved?!


I'd love to see your comics Mercy.. And if you get a good story going, with your amazing art.. you could be paid for doing what you love :).. very easily.


Aw, that's sweet!

They're not SW comics, but maybe I'll throw them up on a WIP blog some day.
It will be interesting to dig them out after all this time, actually!



Wasn't going to start on the together picture until you approved the last one so I will have to start colouring that one up once I have finished the 'X-Men' request from Xan, k?

I'll load Atramilitis to the Gallery now!


Hey LAKilroy - good to see the pictures up on your Wiki pages!

Can I ask a small favour though? Could you please credit them somewhere on the pages to 'Mercy of SWAGOnline.com' please? It does pay to get the site further foot-traffic!

Thanks man!


Okay, so I lost interest in the last one...

This new version's a bit risque, though. So if it's not PG enough I'll not load it to gallery.
Let me know, k?


I like it, And I honestly don't find it too Risque...but then :-p I play Triss >_< lol. Love the background!


I love the pose of that first Togruta sketch! I might want to color that sometime, with your permission... ;)



Wicked! Glad you all like!

Asok, as ever, you are welcome to lend your own original colouring to my sketches - would you like me to send you a larger resolution copy? It may make your work easier. PM me, k? I'm always fascinated to see the difference it makes to a picture when you colour it to when I do!


PG PG PG... sure why not? YOur gallery is awesome and the pic is awesome so... awesome+awesome= SUPUER DUPER AWESOME! :- D