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Request from Xanamiar;

"This girl is extremely double jointed everywhere, and she's Chinese, born and raised. At 5 years of age she was enrolled in a martial arts school,and has learned many forms. She's in her 20's now, and I want to give her a classy/high tech style Here is a pic of what I'm thinking as far as outfit, only add your own flair to it. As far as her face, a very cute pleasant asian face.. something along the lines of this Once again, your own style works.. As far as eye color whatever you want.. I'll make her off of your pic. Hair needs to be long and jet black. The other thing I'd love her to have is 2 metallic fan's that have the shine of a blade. They are what she uses as weapons."

Okay, so I am not so sure this is a Star Wars request...



Good thing she's double jointed. My brain is just going "Ow!" from that pose. I miss being able to bend... *pokes expanding tummy* Curse you pregnancy...


Cheers guys!

Just think, Setie, once they hit the terrible twos you'll get real fit chasing after them! (fun, fun...)


Well 'Mercy' me, I do declare that picture to be absolutely stunning, from the details to the highly active character pose. And the background, well...it's been said already so I won't repeat ;)

Those hands and they way they grasp the hands, is just perfect...and from my own personal experience, I know how hard it is to draw good hands! Mercy, you've blown me away so many times with your artwork, that only ionized dust and a scorchmark remain where I once stood.



Hey, thanks all! (EW - you're so sweet!!)
I'm really enjoying this one - will post again soon when I've done a little more...


how Ironic that EvilWalks is sweet :) ... Glad you are enjoying it Mercy... Always nice to have fun with what you're doing :)


Totally! I'll post a new version soon - got to go out for dinner tonight, but may be able to get it done by tomorrow...


Okay, so I had to give it a bit more when I got home...

So now it's nearly 11:00 on a Monday night, but I think I've got it finished!!
I'm gonna go to bed now...


geez have i missed like a century or somthing!

love it, especially that fantastic clothing and the the melodic pose

not bad at all...

creative character xan, and i think evilwalks said it all

kinda reminds me of mission impossible 2 when the dancers do a tap solo in slow motin with the red dresses waving everywhwere!


Wicked! Glad you all like.

So the question that remains is ... is it Star Wars?
Can I load it to Gallery? or should I just leave it as a WIP and load it to my DeviantArt?


I told you what I was using it for.. and that I had no problem at all with it having a Star Wars feel to it.. So I say you did a great job, and it's StarWarsy enough :)