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A new request from Trisskar;

"This time it is with one of my new and favorite NPC's His name is Reiji. He is a very vain and colorful character. If I were to compare him to an animal, I would say “Crow” all the way!

Reiji is an Assassin to a guild called the Thieves Guild on Taris, Triss's home town. He carries various different kinds of weapons depending on the situation, a collection of knives, and sometimes an overly fancy side blaster, which he rarely uses and mostly wears because it's shiny.

His dress is simple really, black pants, dark wrist wraps & Bracer, no shirt so that he can show his muscular physic covered in tribal Tattoos. The tattoos in themselves are very artistic. His hair is the color white and Anime spiky

The scene I had in mind would be Triss in a raven black sith robe, hood down (the robe is tied at the base of her throat with a red cord – like her other red ribbons - that dangles)... Reiji would be standing behind her, left arm locked behind her as his right arm wraps around to the front as he holds a crude and simple (but sharp) shiv/dagger to her throat – forcing her chin to raise (he would draw blood) Triss would have a very sly and feral smile, while Reiji has one of victory. Strapped on her back would be Sadik's sword, gold tipped handle peeking out over her right shoulder for a quick draw. They would be in some kind of ally way on the mid levels of Taris,

The one thing that I REALLY would like to try and get into this Picture (As it is kind of an important thing to note on her at this time) is a Brand on Triss's right shoulder. So perhaps her robe slipped off of her right shoulder to hang down to her elbow, thus showing the brand? You know how large jackets tend to slip off one of the shoulders from time to time?


History- Reiji and Triss were often assigned on Missions together. (in her younger days) Both complimenting the others talents very well. However after performing a very dangerous mission on the upper levels of Taris, things went terribly wrong. Forced to split off in an attempt to loose the top city security officers tailing them, Triss found a small cargo ship stacked full of crates, ducking inside in hopes to use this as a temporary hiding place, unfortunately for her, the cargo ship sealed its hatch while she was inside and took off – Triss vanishes from Taris for almost six years.

The Guild naturally see's things differently, saying that she ran away after a job that went sour, a crime punishable by death. So naturally when Reiji finds her prowling around Taris's streets once more, after so many years. He intends to take his revenge from a traitor and betrayer that left him behind to clean up the mess. (They eventually become friends again later but...thats another story ^_^ )

Specific notes:

Below is a link to the character Reiji is designed after (Doesn't show his spiky hair very well though...)

Reiji would have his right hand wrapped up in a dark grey-ish bandage (some of it hanging loosely, perhaps tied off at the wrist and dangling?)

Left wrist however would have a black leather bracer, similar to this guys design below



I realise on re-reading that I neglected to include the knife at her throat, but otherwise I think it's looking okay...


Tried a new sketch and I got to say, as much as I like the look on Triss' face here, I don't really like the picture...


I agree mercy. I like her look in the second pic but the overall favorite for me is the first one. So much happening there...looks great.

I have ADOS..Attention Deficit...OOOH Shiny


I agree, Love Triss's face in the second, but the first is the best!!

Perhaps if you get bored you could color up Triss's face in the second one and it could be used as an Avatar, sure would hate to see it sit un-used...

Also my husband says he LOVES The first one. He says you did an AWESOME Job with the hair, it is "Spot On" with how we imagined Reiji <(^_^)>

Lord Crumb

I too like the way Triss face looks in the second one. The look that says I'm facing danger but not going to give in to it. I agree with the rest of the action in the first pic. Looks great.

-LC :-)


Thanks guys! Did a sketch at work today then left it behind...
will post again soon!


hmmm.... Well - While the third one fits the 'scene' the best (I'll post the story below) The first one is still the best - picture wise. And the one I think I'd like to go with :)The scene isn't even in play yet, so it is very very easy for me to accommodate to the picture if I wanted to be specific. Which im not to concerned about ^_^

p.s. I agree winters


This is a mock scene, the actual entry scene for the NPC Reji has not been played out yet, the thread and plot is still in the 'planning stages' and may not happen exactly as depicted here when the plot does get rolling. (If we even get it to fit in...) This mock scene was created to give a better idea what is actually happening in this picture request – and because no one has posted in the other threads and...... I'm bored :-p hehe – Anywho, Read it :) Take what ever you feel works best for it ^_^

>>Mid Cities – Taris / In search of a cure for a deadly force sensitive plague –
On the way to the Quarantine site <<

Triss walked ahead of the group she was working with - the little rag-tag crew of sith and Jedi alike was an oddity to say the least, one could only hope they didn't stand out far too much. Triss had her head bowed, a hand clutching the strap that held Sadik's sword to her back, how she missed him, and feared for him. How much longer could he hold out before this cursed plague claimed him? Triss shuddered as she felt a chill, her fisted hand quickly raising to press against her cold lips as she coughed lightly into it. Then she suddenly halted, someone was following them

“Triss, are you alright?”

One of the Jedi asked her, moving to her side as she wrapped a hand around her ribs and coughed a few more times into her hand, a ruse, she was ill, but not as bad as she was making it look. Recovering slightly Triss nodded

“Yea, I'm alright”

She croaked as her eyes darted around the street in search of their pursuer, she knew him, an old friend 'My, it has been a long time' she thought to herself as she began setting the pace again, one foot after the other as she quickly formulated a plan

'Tails' Triss projected 'Were being followed, I want you to go with Jedi Riorden, tell him to lead the group a good distance away and then circle back around, don't engage unless it looks like the situation is out of control' Tails, a small white and black tipped rodent with a long slinky like body and mask pushed his whiskers forward and licked a paw before leaping onto the shoulder of the Jedi walking next to her. A few moments later Rio typed into his pad and a mechanical voice comm 'd out to the group

“We are almost to the quarantine location, Triss, scout out the area the rest of you follow me”

Triss nodded and casually veered away from the group, heading down one of the side streets, tugging her robe closer to her, by force she was cold... Triss knew this road, she had been down this path many time before when she was young, and was different. Shops and stores that were once a common visit, were now something else entirely or, not there at all. 'Time has away of changing, but has it been long enough to wash away the sins of the past?' she continued to reminisce. As expected her hunter was still hot on her trail, following somewhere in the shadows un-seen 'Ah, but I do see you' she scoffed smugly as she found what she was looking for, she was amazed it was still here honestly, a small, dark alleyway where orphan kids used to sit around and play little games, currently empty.

Quickly and with inept speed Triss slipped into the ally, raven robe fluttering from the movement as she pressed her back against the ally wall painted with various symbols and graffiti. This could either be really fun or go really bad...

Counting shallowly under her breathe Triss reached out into the force and searched for her pursuer, he was closer now...'Any moment.... ' With a soft ring of metal Triss stepped out of the shadows and onto the main street, Sadik's sword firmly in hand, point extended out as she made to face her Target, problem was...there was no one there...Blinking in confusion Triss lightened her grip on the swords handle, eyes darting to every corner and shadow in front of her 'How could I of missed him, he IS here...i can feel it.' sighing Triss returned the sword back to it's sheath and turned back into the alleyway as she bit her lower lip in thought.

It happened so fast, Triss didn't have any time to react, left hand twisting to lock behind her as a shiv pressed against the flesh of her throat, she tensed and tilted her chin up to keep from getting it sliced

"Hello Fan Club, I knew you would come back for an autograph...sooner or later"

Triss's lip's turned up into a feral smile “Hello Reiji” She purred calmly, like a cat resting on a windowsill as she remained seemingly motionless under his blade, her chin lowering slightly as if she were trying to get a look at the weapon “You wont do it” she suddenly hissed in a soft challenging manner, her feral smile turning into one of mischief. The blade pressed harsher against the skin, it's cold edge kissing flesh, drawing crimson blood as he scowled

“What makes you think I wont?”

Triss chuckled it was soft and almost playful

“What makes you think I will let you?”

Triss was just as fast as he was, almost blinking out from one spot, and to another as her right hand raised between her and Reiji's weapon arm, fingers curling around his wrist, as she shifted her weight around him, twisting his arm as she moved, locking it much in the same manner he had her moments ago. Except that this time, she pushed out, sending him stumbling forward. Reiji recovered in a quick roll, shifting into a kneeling position, blade now reversed.

“Kitten's now got some fangs I see”

Reiji crowed in amusement as Triss reached a hand under her robe in search of her saber, the familiar hilt that should have been at her waist wasn't there. Green eyes lifted to gaze at the blade assassin crouched a few steps ahead of her, in his hand was her saber, a sly and victorious smile tugging at his lips as he flaunted his prize with an curious expression

“Whats this?”

He questioned examining the silver casing, it was pretty obvious he had never seen a lightsaber before. Triss smirked and relaxed her stance as she held out a fisted hand, her fingers loosening slightly as the soft 'chlink' of chain rustled in the cold air, lightly hanging from her left middle finger was a small silver pendent that looked like a type of crow, it's wings spread in flight as the street lights eluminated off it.

“I'll show you”

Reiji's smile faltered, as Triss's right hand extended out fingers opened into a palm as she reached out with the force and snatched her saber out from his grasp, calling it to her own, the look on Reiji's face was....priceless... Standing, Reiji adopted his usual smug smile once more

“I see you have advanced since last we played together”

He chuckled as he twirled his blade In his fingers and darted towards her. “So have I!” Triss made to lower her stance and meet his attack head on....but Reiji thrusted his hand out to the ground beneath him and with a soft explosion a puff of grayish smoke billowed up clouding her vision, forcing her to switch back to a defensive stance and reach out into the force in an attempt to sense the un-seen but on-coming assault. She knew, even before the smoke settled into soft wisps at her ankles that her old Friend Reiji was gone, as was the pendant she had palmed from him moments before.

After a few moments of silence, a voice whispered behind her “Is he a threat?” Triss didn't even need to turn around, she knew who stood there. Triss bowed her head and glanced at her left hand, as if the chain and pendant was still there

“For now, he may be a problem, but...” Triss whispered “Don't hurt him.”

Leeto of the bladeborn nodded “At least he didn't get away with anything”

Triss sighed and placed her saber back onto her belt

“I wish that were true, sadly he got away with some valuable information, and here...information can get you killed” Triss lifted her gaze as she felt Leeto fade back into the shadows “I was really hoping to avoid them” she mewled regrettably to herself. Lifting a hand to the corner of her robe, she silently raised her hood sounds of pounding boots on pavement could be heard approaching her, the small group she was a party with were just arriving.


I know :-p But an assassin doesn't always need a blade to be threatening ;) I will be honest and say that It is hard when this happens!! Two awesome pictures...only one choice... >_<


...Actually...By looking at it...You COULD Put a dagger into the first picture... Just put it in the hand holding Triss >> Example - *The angle of the 'dagger' is off...but it was just a quick 'Paint' example to give sure you could put in a much fancier and proper dagger :) *…

That way...we can keep the first one (Which is Awesome!) And still have the dagger


Well yeah the first one is missing the blade, but overall you capture the raw passion of the scene better in your first attempt. Thats not to say that 2 and 3 are bad. Far from it, they are very good. But overall I think the best one done was your first attempt.


I love the aura/feel of the first one- sinister but very intriguing. I get the sense they know each other- this is not just an assassin on a hit.

I think Trisskar was right when she said that he didn't need a blade to be threatening. Personally, a headlock is worse in my book- a blade means it'll be over quick. When they try to take you alive, there's a world of hurt coming.


specially If he drags her off to the guild leaders... Mother Constance may seem like a nice old lady on the outside... buuut...And if they went to even Higher authority? *gulps* Triss would rather Reiji slit her throat and be done with it >_<


Okay, I wasn't meaning that you needed a knife to be threatening!! However, you did specifically ask for a blade. It's been written into the story as being pressed against her throat hard enough to draw blood. That's why I did the other versions - trying to get all of the elements you had specified into the picture.

If you want to do a re-write in order to use the first picture that's fine, and I will try to drop a knife in for you along with the tattoos and the brand.

(You have no idea how many versions I've done of this picture trying to get it right!! *sigh*)


Okay! Here's the altered sketch #1 with the knife from sketch #3.
(sorry if I sounded grumpy before - had a long, hard, demanding day...)


You are perfectly fine Mercy! I appreciate you trying to get everything as specified. But as I said before..The story hasn't even been created yet! It is still in the 'Planning stages' We have yet to finish our old RP's to move on to the story with Reiji in it ^_^ The story above was just an 'Example' of the scene that 'could' happen (For all we know, in the actual story one of the Jedi or sith with her could interrupt things and come to her aid...)

So whatever you do here, is simply another visual aid to help further plot out the scene to be <(^_^)> So quite simply.... Have fun with this! And Im sorry if this has proven to be...stressful :(

Rest! you deserve it! There is no rush :)

P.S. The Third picture is Perfect ^_^ I like how simple the dagger is, and it fits just fine ^_^ ...It actually looks almost exactly like the dagger hubby bought me today :-p


Sweet as, Triss - will post again when I have a little more of the background done!

(you got a knife today? neat!!)


Yea ^_^ Hubby came to bed the other day and said he bought something "Pretty" and that I was to keep my eyes open for a package (Bout had a heart attack when UPS guy came pounding on the door >_< ) but that I wasn't aloud to open said package until he was awake. So the package arrived, he woke up, and gave me the box ^_^ It's a Japanese Tanto, very lovely, and made of folded steel ^_^ Guess the blade was folded 1000+ Times!! But it looks exactly like in the pic ^_^ The hand guard is a gold dragon curling around ^_^


Okay ^_^ Hubby JUST Got home, I showed him the new pic ^_^ He says it looks Awesome, but advices that the blade be put on the outside of the other arm, instead of behind...He said currently it looks like he's stabbing himself in the arm with it :-p


You know, as far as I can tell, with the angle of the hand, the blade should be behind the other arm, and nearly touching his chest. So actually I think Mercy was just putting in the blade in the best position for the way the hand is. At least it looks like it to me. :)


Probably ^_^ I was just relaying what my husband said/thought/suggests (He is usually my personal critic when I DO work on my artwork and such >>He does alot of Sword/dagger/Martial stuff as a major part of his life, so he is able to notice these things better then I can >_< << I rely on his suggestion's/thoughts alot).

What ever works best :) - When playing around with it in Paint..the angle of the hand doesn't seem to matter...and tactfully...It seems to me that the outside is more natural of a position for said movement :-p but then, I'm neither good at Martial Fighting, or Artwork to be a good judge in I leave that up to the professionals here ^_^


Nice Pic Mercy, Only one thing. Reiji kinda does look like he's stabbing himself in the arm >_< Maybe if the Blade was on the outside ? Anyway keep it up! ^_^


Not if you consider that the throat his left arm is around is not at the same depth in relation to the arm he is holding with his left hand.

This is really where you need a partner to help...
His left arm passes behind her shoulder so therefore the knife in that hand should be behind the arm that is level with her shoulder. Is this making sense? I know I'm not explaining very well...

What really needs to be changed, from what I can see, is that his right hand looks bent at the wrist when it isn't. If I change that the pose should be correct.


Well Like I said. I'll leave it to the professionals here. :) My husband and I performed the move with my new dagger, and it seemed to work out just fine on the outside of the arm, and was also natural considering the move/action. But instead of going through a long, drawn explanation :) I'll just leave it up to you ^_^


Look, we're not even using a picture I like - you want it this way, then I'll just change it.


Naw - I'm just finding this one a bit difficult...
It'll be fine once it gets going.

I'm still working on the background, so I'll post again once I've got that done, k?


bright background!fits trisskars description well.

I just wanted to bring something up thought you guys were interested, yesterday lookin at the science and art building at New York University and a fair at union square one stall had something called Metal Park you might heard of it, anyway it had these figues made out of recycled motorcycle parts and scrap metal all weilded together to make characters. alot of them were star wars but there was alien vs predator, transformers, vehicles (jets, helicopters), and everyday people. i got a darth vader 5" $20.00. but others were 10" $40.00, some 2-8 feet ones $300-7000. all immenslely detailed love my midget darth vader. there was starwars speeder bikes, walkers, all sorts. also zam wessel and jango fett and yoda. heres the link


Here's the colour version up.

Now I just need to get him some tattoos and I think it's done!


Both hubby and I give it two thumbs up! We really like it Mercy! I think the only iffy thing we found on it was that her mouth and eye But im not sure anything can be done about that :) which is fine. Otherwise...Thank you so very much Mercy.

And I apologize again if I've annoyed you a bit much on this wasn't my intentions...


I did have one thing to bring up, as a side request....if it's not to much to ask. (Even if I have to wait in line again....) If it is believe me I understand.

The second picture... The way you drew Triss in that one was just way too good to let sit un-used. So I went in paint during a rainy day ((its been raining all week here)) and took Reiji out of the picture to just leave Triss…

I was wondering if you could color her? It doesn't even have to have a fancy background... (Just plain ol' black with red mist will do just fine) I just...really liked it, It's a perfect picture of Triss in rage mode.

Up to you, if it's to much, again I understand, But I couldn't just leave it sitting without bringing the suggestion up.


Those tatts on Reiji's arm look sooo bloody sweet and seem to contour with his muscles perfectly.

Great job!


Hi guys! Glad you all like it!

Triss - not sure what's 'out' with the eye and mouth? Let me know and I'll see if there's anything I can do about the outness...

I'll see what I can do about colouring the other sketch up at some point - but I think it might look a bit weird without context, like why her arms are out behind her? Anyway, will see what I can do.

No major annoyance darl - it just took a long while for this request to gel and I was finding it frustrating. But then, that's when great things happen, yeah? Thanks for bearing with me and not getting grumpy at me while I have my little tanty - it's very much appreciated.


lol I'm not really sure whats 'out' with it in I just can't seem to place a finger on it.

As for the other sketch...perhaps she's tied up? Rope or something? Considering all her adventures I wouldn't put it past her being tied up at some point :-p A Sith Lord is hunting her down currently, perhaps he's cuffed her :-p

And no problem. I used to do art, so I do understand the frustrations. I hope you are as pleased with the outcome as we are :) I like it whole lot and cant wait to see it on my desktop