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New Request from LAKilroy:

Imella Flyve, Pilot/Sith Apprentice

Currently am using a picture of Domino from X-Men, and would like to continue to use it on the wikipage. I would like something more Wroonian in appearance. Also, hoping to show a couple of her tattoos. Attire I leave entirely up to you.



I really like the planet - you've got a good technique going there!


Lord Crumb

I like it! The tat on her arm and the tracks are awesome. I agree with Asok about the planet.

Kia kaha


The planet thing is pretty simple... If you create a circle in Photoshop and lock the layer (so you can't paint over the edges) then you can use the Dry Brushes to paint on the dark patches and highlights. Drop in a little glow to soften the edge of the planet against the black backdrop of space, add a few stars - that's pretty much it!