Arik Vandar v2

Arik Vandar v2

Mercy's picture

Request by Mev186 for a new picture of his character.
Pictured HERE with Triss.

Background up...

Base colours done...

Color scheme really reminds me of Corran Horn... looking good!


Brilliant, Absolutely brilliant! You're amazing Mercy!

Niiiiice!! I really like! Love the background! Reminds me of a were wolf :-p HoooOOooowwL!!! ;)

Oh, true!!
Cheers guys!

Glad you like guys!
Will post the finished product soon...

Excellent start and the colors are cool.

Kia kaha

Most excellent. Most excellent indeed.

Cool!. lovin the pose

Okie-dokie, I think this might be done!

Yay! Wonderful Job as always Mercy!

No worries, hun!
If there aren't any changes you want done I'll load him to gallery, k?

Looks good to me!

He looks like David Tennant (10th Doctor) on crack. lol. Nah! Looks great.

Kia kaha

Love it, Arik's face stands out well against the moon! ^_^

O yeah great pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool! will load him up, then!

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