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So, I'm sure a lot of you old-time Swaggers already know this about each other, but I'm still totally fresh and new and eager to hear about everyone else's games!! Where/why/how/with who do you RP? Or are some of you perhaps not even roleplayers at all, who just hang about for the artsy community?

To get the ball rolling- though I've done TONNES of online Roleplaying over the years (email based, forum based, real-time on Mu*s, you name it!!), I never really did any tabletop until... well, until I met the fellow who is now my husband. ;) Had a few rather madcap introductions to the world of DnD with our collective of mutual friends, most of them one-offs or campaigns that sort of fizzled and died after about three or four sessions (...and I was JUST getting super attached to that Warhammer character, too!!).

Then, early last year, husband dearest announced that he was sick of all these campaigns that just disappear, HE was going to GM a Star Wars RPG and he was going to be COMMITTED! Admittedly, I was very skeptical in the beginning, heh. First, I was not convinced that ANY of us had the focus to stick with anything for any length of time, and second... Star Wars? I mean I grew up with the original triolgy, sure. And was happy enough to watch Ewan McGregor dance around with a lightsaber in the new ones. But.... that was the extent of it, for me, and I just wasn't sure I could get really INTO it.

Hah, how wrong was I!!!

Nearly two years on, still with all original five players (and a few cameos along the way!), an absolute mass of plot twists and epic storylines behind us and still more ahead, and oh yeah, we sure are still going strong! Decisions the squad made literally OVER A YEAR AGO are still coming back to haunt us and bite us in the butt-- I've got to admit, I absolutely love the fact that the things we do in-game really DO have far-reaching consequences. It's awesome! I've also gotten a whole lot quicker at basic mental calculations. :P

Anyway, to spare this here post dragging on forever, I won't go too much into my own campaign plot just yet... because seriously, once I get started, I WILL GO ON FOREVER I SWEAR. But feel free to start sharing about yours!


Only a very few times have I had the chance to play the tabletop SWRPG. Then I usually end up have to GM because i have the best working SW knowledge of all my pals. But the chaos is still precious:
My friend Jay plays a Wookiee Jedi with the unfortunate name of "Heycanigetagrenadelauncherattachedtothatbong" and he insists that we refer to him by that name. He constantly calls on the darkside to kill baddies, then spends force points to burn off the darkside points. Then does it again.
My wife plays an Ewok force adept named Pikachu (are you starting to see what I've got to deal with here?) and they somehow convinced me that she can use Force lightning without incuring darkside points because "she's just so cute". Btw, Heycanigetagrenadelauncherattachedtothatbong carries Pikachu around in a hot-pink belt pouch and, when it's time for battle, flings her at the enemy screaming "Pikachu, I choose YOU!"
Bam! Force lightning and death!
Jay's girlfriend Tara plays a Twi'lek force adept who telekinetically flings wounded soldiers and small children off buildings and into traffic.
"That guy was wearing white armor! He was abviously a bad guy."
"He helped us save the kids from that burning building, Tara!?"
"I didn't see that. I was two streets over."
"Why do you think that kid was clinging to him like that?"
"The kid was obviously evil, too."
My buddy Dan keeps dying because he runs headlong into EVERY situation. He's played, like, five characters in one campaign because HE...KEEPS...DYING!!!!
He always plays a soldier and carries about 600lbs of gear that he'll never use, but won't get rid of.

Shoot me......


Drig and I have been Star Wars fans since the beginning, and friends since 3rd grade. In 2000 we saw an ad for Wizard's d20 Star Wars game, and we didn't know what it was but WE WANTED IT! So we read the rules (kinda) and started our first campaign as freshman in highschool - AND DRIG AND ASOK WERE BORN!
We've played more or less regularly with the same group of friends for like 9 years now, some Star Wars here, some d20 Modern/Past/Future there, LOTR, Serenity... lately we've been doing D&D.
We used to run one big SW campaign per school year, and we refer to them like that (our first campaign was 1st Year, my best was probably 5th year, etc). And there were plenty of one-shots and mini-campaigns in between.
But we still hang out almost every Sunday to roll some dice. Good times, good times...



Started playing (and GMing) in 1989. Had a long campaign that never really ended, but had a lot of story arcs. My last game in that campaign was in 1999. It was about a Rebel strike team that was mostly made up of fringer types, set in an isolated star cluster below the galactic plane, accessible from the Arkanis Sector (Tatooine). Right click and save sector sourcebook here.

When I was studying I GMed a group that was just generally operatives in the Rebellion, no real overarching storyline, just taking on missions and fighting Imperials, though two of the PCs were former Imperials.

Then there was the SWAG group, which Jorrigun GMed over IRC. I played an ARC Trooper in a Clone Wars era party that was a Republic Intelligence team, framed by Palpatine's agents for treason. Click here for the trailer made by Nafai!

Then I took over GMing of the SWAG group, and we played a tramp freighter crew caught in the machinations of the Kuat families during the Rebellion Era..

Currently I pinch hit for a group that usually plays Eclipse Phase, Doctor Who, and Cthulhutech. If I have the time, I run a Star Wars game for them, which is a crew of a space yacht caught in a fight between pirates and their prey.


One of our players once telekinetically shoved a thermal detonator up a rancor's nose.
A Sith Lord had employed a bounty hunter to take them out. They bought off the bounty hunter and sent him after the Sith Lord.
That was one session.
Seriously! How do deal with a group like that? Without cheating...too much.
They do far worse when we play DnD.


I usually GM my group, and one time Drig pulled the wool over my eyes...

He was at the mercy of a crimelord, who demanded a code cylinder with sensitive data from him, and Drig obliged. He told us after he left the crimelord's lair that it was actually a comlink all along, not a code cylinder. He never bothered to make a bluff check, and I never even thought to check. Score one for the scoundrels!



Oh man, I love it!!! Hah, Asok-- I couldn't TELL you the number of times our GM has siiiighed, rolled his eyes, and said; "FINE, roll a deception check- OH LOOK, THEY SEE THROUGH YOUR RIDICULOUS PLAN!!!" Though there was that time Klopan and Lonar successfully robbed an Imperial bank...

"Hey, what are you doing in here?"
"What us? This is an inspection! A surprise inspection!"
"Right then, show me some ID."
"ID? We don't need ID! This is a SURPRISE inspection, remember? Who needs ID for that?"
"Uhhh. Ummm. Oh. Okay, carry on then."

"The chaos is precious." - Judas, I think you've summed up the heart of tabletop RPG right there!

The premise of our campaign was pretty simple; set around 9BBY, four Imperial soldiers were pulled together to form an elite commando squad, 'the best of the best of the best, sir, with honours!'. (We had our fifth join us in the second session as 'the droid we found in a junk heap on Tatooine'.) We didn't know it at the time, but every one of us was Force sensitive; our dear boss Lord Vader knew and created us for that very reason, with the hope that we'd become his ultimate death machine or something.

When it WAS revealed to us (three of the five of us, as players, didn't even they were Force sensitive until several months in!), GM was basically 'HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THIS?' and let us take the game where we wanted- and naturally, all hell broke loose!!

My character, Tusserk, was a plant the whole time- he had his way bought into the squad by House Organa to essentially spy and report back on Imperial workings, with the eventual goal of attempting to turn the squad away from the Empire. That was SO MUCH FUN to play when the rest of the players didn't know it. XD Tuss had to constantly question how far he'd compromise his morals in order to keep his cover; "My blaster, sir. It's NOT WORKING. Sir." Tuss always knew he was Force Sensitive; he was a wee little kiddie at the Temple when Order 66 was called. Awww.

Then there's our squad captain, Lonar'Anar, was the other who knew he was Force Sensitive. A VERY military tactician and crack pilot to boot, he was basically under secret orders from Vader himself to corrupt each and every one of us. Nimeq Viith, our zabrak medic/professional soldier was exceptionally loyal, would follow orders without flinching, and ended up being able to dual-wield heavy blaster rifles. Klopan Vinrax is our beloved criminally inclined Ryn, who has teetered on the verge of 'irredeemably evil' since pretty much day one. XD He and Tusserk are... very frequently at odds with one another. And of course our dear droid; X1E7 or 'Toaster', who bewildered us ALL when it turned out HE was force-sensitive too... now he's hanging out with Palpatine (oh, I don't know, something about being the Emperor's Hand...), while a shiny new droid fitted with an algorithmic copy of Toaster's original personality (before he betrayed us all) hangs out with US and helps us fight the good fight!!


My group used to rotate through Star Wars, D&D, Shadowrun, and a few others.

The first Star Wars run was a basic anything goes; typical character mix set in the ESB era; a merchant ship captain turned fugitive when giving a lift to a young force sensitive jedi wannabe. I remember one character was a Predator. He was a bounty hunter. Another was a combat droid modeled after a Terminator endoskeleton. Another was an ex tie fighter pilot turned criminal.

The next run was just with 2 players. A couple tough-guys who traveled the galaxy as freelance bouncers. Inspired by the movie Road House. They ended up running afoul of the criminal syndicates and were sold into slavery as gladiators. Eventually they met their end in the ring.

The next run was focuses around a swoop bike gang on tatooine, 'The Iron Dragons'. That arc was set just before the events of ANH. The players ended up changing the course of history via the butterfly effect...all because they turned in a rebel fugitive for the posted reward. They didn't even realize it until they learned via the holonet that Yavin IV had been destroyed by the Death Star for harboring a rebel base. The players looked at each other and were like 'that's not what was supposed to happen...' From then on the entire future-history was in doubt.

The next run was set just after the battle of Geonosis. Every player started as a Padawan Jedi who lost their master in a battle. They therefore were grouped together to seek out an old master who had left the order. Lentaro. (Clint Eastwood).

As the padawans worked towards becoming jedi knights, the Clone Wars took their toll. As each padawan died, he was replaced with a clone trooper specialist.

Only two ended up being Jedi. Krell and Jacksyn. Now when we play (only intermittently) they are each in command of a Republic Clone Trooper Legion. With any luck I'll run this time line right up to Order 66 and after... Though we are able to play less and less frequently due to the distance involved.


Well I never got to table top Star Wars although I own most of the books not to many of my friends are big into Star wars. lol.
So I created an online site and it justs getting some momentum and I enjoy the time I spend there. :)
I GM'ed a lot of D&D when I was young and Gary owned it. So I do a lot of art, writing and research, and hope I RP's I run are fun. :)
Any of you are welcome to stop by it's FB compatible you can sign right in with it. lol, But I'm not here to advertise just acknowledge the post. ;)
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."


So, I've been doing table top since about four years ago (6th grade). I was invited over by a friend one weekend and his dad is the GM.

In the case of craziness that goes on, within the first ten minutes of my Human Scoundrel meeting my friends Wookiee Soldier, a starship had already crashed into the cantina we were at and we had finished our first (out of VERY, VERY, VERY many) fire-fights. We then proceeded to be hired by a random chick (who, when we first met her, I promptly asked to go out with me. She said no.) whose name was Leelu. Then we went through this whole thing which ended up with us getting into another fight and her getting kidnapped. After getting away from the guards, we had to break out of the crimelord's facility which led to Yorurra (the wookiee) to become knocked out and my character had to drag him to the anger and toss him into the first open top speeder we came to. I did this with a 12 strength. It was amazing. After driving to the other side of town, we ran into Leelu's sister, Kaylee (which I promptly asked out. Again, no was the answer.) and she hired us to help her go find her sister. We agreed, sold the luxury speeder that I stole, and went on our merry way.

Then, over the years, we have fought a Corellian Ogre and what looked mysterious like a Voxyn, Destroyed a space station, had our Jedi companion die, learned that Yorurra had no decency when he tried to loot his body for the lightsaber, utterly -- and quite violently -- killed the kidnapper and learned that Leelu was being held on some random planet that holds a crazy high-tech prison. We then flew there and meeting up with a couple of contacts (one of which was a woman who I ended up asking out) we broke into a very well guarded prison and save Leelu. After this, we broke out and had a fight with a ship's mechanic, which left about 2/3 of our group unconscious and then we flew off to Garos IV. Also, we had a prisoner on the ship with us who was a Jedi whose name I can't remember right now. After staying at a very nice hotel (turns out that the sisters were two princesses from a noble house and they were LOADED) at which I took Leelu on a nice date and we shared our first kiss and Yorurra ended up jumping out of a speeder from really high up to save Kaylee, all because he took her gambling, we went to the girl's home planet and stayed at this one contacts house. The night when we were there, I found out the Leelu was betrothed to some douchebag and when we went to her house the next day, we would have to break up. I was against this. Anyway, she ended up taking me up onto the room with a bottle of alcohol and we started to talk before we were attacked. After a very long and arduous fight, we found out that the person behind the attack was none other than Leelu's douchebag of a fiance who was coming to kidnap her since his noble house was trying to take over her noble house. After another long and equally arduous fight, I ended up blowing a nice hole in the fiance's chest and one of our friends took out his beastly bodyguard. We then went and saved the noble house and faked Leelu's death so we could get married. However, before we got married, we ended up going with our Jedi friend to a junkyard planet, taking down a couple of robot dogs and giant robots reminiscent of the giant junk monsters in the Force Unleashed (no they were not powered by force. They were just that big.).

We then left that horrid place and went to a planet called Erlim. Along the way, we picked up a droid and a squib named Silverfox. At Erlim, we ended up helping to stop a civil war by killing Lord Humungous (It was really hard. We shot him in the chest with a rocket launcher and it barely slowed him down.) and two of his assassin's which had crazy awesome armor, which we stole and his right hand man. We were then given the deed to Lord Humungous' castle. We then proceeded up the mountain to where it is with the aid of a couple of guides, who joined our merry mis-adventures. When we got there we found a small group of people looting the place, and we killed them all except for one sniper chick. After wandering around the place, the two guides ended up finding a ship which had been there when we arrived, went inside and punched a couple of buttons and ended up waking up some big meanies. I ran down to save them, and they turned out to be some of the original Mandolorians, which had been rumored to be extinct. After a lot of months passed, which contained fighting off a Trade Federation invasion of our castle and being attacked by some super droids, which all resulted in Silverfox being killed (it was a sad day for all) and Me and a girl named Styrla who was crazy awesome and now apart of our group, met a martial arts master which we learned from, I remembered about my fiance who I hadn't even tried to contact in about a year or two. Unfortunately, I remembered about her after I had already slept with Styrla, which happened on the day before Leelu showed up and we broke off the engagement (weird, right?).

Skip forward about a month or two and you'll find Styrla preggers, me with my own non-profit organization which was aimed towards medical help for the natives of the planet and Yorrura starting to create some awesome guns. We then had several small campaigns inside this campaign which all culminated in our characters going head to head with Sienar Fleets, and learning the ability to make a really good cloaking device (thus the run-in with Sienar Fleets). And right around there is where we have stopped until next time we get together. I hope that wasn't to long, it's just we've done a lot.


I want to sit in on one of YOUR sessions, Michael!
Awesome, fun, super-sweet antics....OF DOOM!!


Judas, your group sounds like a lot of fun to be in as well. "I choose you pickachu!" -Thats just hysterical.

The Duelist


First the intro: Our crew as I know it since I joined late...

Captain Hrothgar-Zabrak techno mage
First mate Andy MK-I-Medical droid turned sadistic sniper
Kebra-our spice addicted hutt
Skog the duelist(me)- a jawa duelist that killed everything muc hto the dispair of our GM
Bolgwin-Our lovable heavy demolitions/gunner talz super soldier
Torrin-Our wannabe jedi kel dor
beleg Dur-Our average neti
and Koothras- Our tough as nails wookiee

Ok, so the motto for our crew was as follows-"natural ones make it fun."
Our story as I know it began with the first roll of the game being a 1. The ship crash lands on a planet, that was infested with some sort of alien dragon like bird thing that was terrorizing the locals. We kill it with our ship, they give us free drinks. :)
Our crew repairs our ship shortly thereafter, just in time for us to be given another better one we name the rose bud. things intensify when we land successfully this time on aldeeran and start a revolt in the city causing the empire to blow the planet to pieces. (We completely destroy canon)
Our crew is then marked by the empire as the instigators of the uprising and thus hunted by the best of the best...a.k.a. -High Sith Inquisitor Seth.
We run into him multiple times never able to finish him off due to our crews unfortunate luck of also having a hutt on board who ran afoul of the clans. Eventually we eliminate him with a tank, a well placed thermal detonator, and a few sword slashes to the face. We run from one enemy into another. We eventually kill Gorram the dissolver after he rips my arm and leg off... We destroy a slave ship in a crazy act of desperation in order to cause a distraction for us to hightail it out of a sector being pursued by togruta pirates when we are contacted by the Aiing Tii. They take our captain and first mate and give them really cool stuff.We're eventually contacted by the rebels and agree to accept missions provided we get paid. Our crew is dubbed the wild card for we exactly that, we always get the job done but we're never predictable. Eventually we learn that our captain created a droid named bertha whose sole goal was to protect him. She eventually modifies that programming to the extent that the galaxy itself is viewed as a threat. Even his loyal crew she deems unworthy. She thus began creating vast droid armies covertly on any planet she could in the hopes of one day establishing a safe galaxy. After discovering this we do what any normal group would do, we ran away!
We run into Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne. We eventually destroy him but not before we take out Dark STRYDER. It is after doing this that we are again contacted by the rebels who congratulate us on eliminating threat and give us the new assignment of helping create a base on Yavin IV. We show up and find Darth Revans armor. We buy it. We also find and mange to piss off sith lord Naga Sadow who entices our captain to follow the dark side. He then guides our group to a cave full of ancient sith soldiers. My character through blood bonding with them eventually becomes their leader.
we decide to accept one more deal from the rebels, we steal the holonet. We send in our captain and our hutt/human character who replaces his character, on board an imperial star destoryer. They implant multiple viruses on the ship, and our crew with help from a wookiee pirate and his fleet attack. We get the holonet, plans again dont go according to well, plan but we get it. Our tale ends with us having one final showdown with Bertha, where we emerge victorious once more and each of us split up to accomplish our goals.

Also on yavin IV- our crew runs into a creature we created jokingly one night. The lizard that obi-wan rides, yeah that thing only 3x bigger, that shoots light sabers out of it's mouth, force lightning from its groin and numerous other horrible inventions only our crew could come up with.

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Wow. That is crazier than my campaign... and we blew up a space station. Sounds like fun, though. So, now that the campaign is over, what do you think you're going to do, Role-Playing related?


I honestly have no idea. I would love to get involved with another campaign, but I moved to a new school and know next to no one, I am working unofficially full time at my job, and I am getting married in december as well as taking a full course load, so free time is not really easily found. I would like to possibly find an online tabletop rpg somewhere, but, I dont know much about them and don't know if id be able to commit to it completely. any ideas would be great though...

The Duelist


Man, that sucks. I don't really have any advice on the online table-top. I've never done it before, so... But hey, congrats on getting married. Good luck with school.


I feel yer pain, Skog. I have 15 month old twin girls. I haven't had a chance to game since they were born. We have another bundle of tax breaks due in January. I may never game again!!!!! LoL
I do manage to squeeze in some DnD Online, though. Not sure if the really counts:P


NO! Does not count! There's a guy in our D&D group who is always flaking to do raids on WOW. Yes, he is bailing out on REAL RPG for FAKE ONLINE RPG.



Man that stinks Judas, I mean congrats on the "Tax breaks"-lol but i mean the no playing thing really sounds like a bummer.
Asok, -Chanting-PUNCH HIM REALLY HARD!!!! once for me....
I agree michael.

The Duelist


Bailing on table top for WoW?!? No way, man. We once shunned a guy for bailing for homework.


Well, with gradschool and whatnot, sometimes people gotta bail for the schoolwork. We understand. But tabletop RPG is a classy lady. You should never stand her up for a floozy like WoW.



Judas! You DDO? That game is the bane of my existance... because my husband is UTTERLY OBSESSED WITH IT and every minute he spends playing is a minute I'm NOT spending working on Star Wars arts!! ;) Haha. I wonder if you've ever run into one another.

As for bailing on tabletop for WoW? Oh man oh man, this is me joining in the 'PUNCH HIM REALLY HARD' chanting!! Give 'em a biff from me!!!

BTW, I am utterly loving hearing about everyone's games. Warms me deep down in my little Trandoshan heart. I am totally curious to hear about anyone who RPs on message boards or that sort of thing-- I have been quietly toying with the idea of joining one, or even just having Tuss appear for a couple of one-off text based RPs...


DDO is one of the few escapes from reality I get right now, Tuss:) Well, the only one that doesn't involve alchohol. And I have met a few Aussies, so it's possible yer man and I have crossed paths.


Heh, yeah. I mean I don't reeeeaally have a problem with the game or the time hubby spends playing it, I really just have a problem with the lack of a second computer in this house! ;)

Who was it talking about online tabletops up there-- ahh, Skog! I've had a go at them, one of my friends was/is running one at the moment (I say 'is', but we haven't had a sess for a good few months now XD) and they're pretty fun! From a player's perspective, I love the fact that the program deals with all the game-mechanical stuff. :P Though I think they're a fair bit of work for the GM to prepare, especially for a GM who typically plans sessions half an hour in advance and draws maps on the fly! Biggest problem I found was people getting distracted and disappearing for random lengths of time- it's a LOT easier to get people's focus back when you're all gathered together around the same table! But still, I *do* think it's a great alternative especially when your players start being spread further across the globe.


My roommate's girlfriend moved to Milwaukee for grad school, so lately we've been RPing with her over skype. We set the laptop on the table so we can all see and hear her, and it works out well enough.



The old SWAG group on IRC, in addition to me in Kuala Lumpur also consisted of 2 players in the USA, 1 in South Korea, 1 in Canada, 2 in the UK, including the GM Jorrigun. We played live every other weekend for more than a year in two campaigns. It was awesome.

We used a dicebot to roll dice. It was easy to link images to show what we were talking about. I wish I saved the IC/OOC chats from the games as text files. They was hilarious.


I am not the most technologically advanced so I am unfamiliar with DDO...what is it?
I was in a mutants and masterminds campaign where we had a guy play through skype, but we had issues with meeting times that were good for everybody and his computer lagged terribly.

Asok-If you treat the "Lady" good, she'll be good to you, if you abuse her, you aren't a man.

Tuss-is there a link or something where I could go and check out some online rpg's? Also, our group played in a d20 3.5 style, but I am not the world's best at understanding how to make a character come to life through stats, personality isn't an issue, but creating a person through dice rolls and stuff confuses me, so is there any help I could get with that part?

The Duelist


Hah, Hish, I totally know what you mean about saving chatlogs-- I have a very precious limited few old OOC chats saved from back in my text-based RP days, and they are some of the most hilarious things to look back on!! These days I make a habit of writing down quotes during sessions- the backs of all my character sheets are COVERED with some of the random, insane, ridiculous and hilarious things that are said during session. When we're done with the campaign I totally intend to make some lovely compilation of them all accompanied by some of the photos I've taken of us while we play.

Skog- sadly, I've only played online RPGs hosted by friends of mine, with no real convenient online source to point you towards that I could personally recommend. :\ I know we typically use the 'Pathfinder' set of rules, and 'Maptool' is the program we all play on (assisted by Ventrilo for ease of conversation). There's probably a bunch of other different programs out there; Maptool has managed to suit our purposes pretty well. As for finding games currently in existance for you to check out etc, sadly I can't really help, but hopefully rummaging through Google might point you in the direction of games that could be of interest!

As for character building, haha, it took me quite a while to really 'get' stats. :P But for any character I really want to make an investment with (ie, that I hope to play for more than a session or two!) I have the concept fully worked out before I bother rolling anything- personality, history, quirks, strengths and weaknesses- and then just always work with the GM to best apply 'whatever numbers I end up with' to make my concept functional in a game-mechanics sense. Patient GMs are a godsend. :P


Y'know, this thread should have a "Content Humorous" label affixed to the title :D

Just glad I hadn't been drinking anything while reading through this. I'll have to sit down and type up some of my rpg games and memorable moments ;)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

If your going to complement me, don't tell me my work is neat, cool or awesome. If you really like it, tell me why you like it and what you like about it. Only then I'll take it as a complement.


Last night, my group decided to invade a crimelord's lair. BUT FIRST, they needed explosive charges. So they visited Watto in the back of a seedy joint in Mos Espa to buy some and realized they didn't have enough money (because Watto wanted 3,000 credits). So they devised a plan...

First they needed a mark, which they found in Mos Eisley. Then the Chiss doctor pretended to mug the Zeltron scoundrel, in plain view of the mark. The Zeltron scoundrel used this ruse to seduce the mark, give him a sob story about leaving for Coruscant, and then disappear. Then the Squib pilot offered the mark chartered passage to Coruscant for a reasonable down payment of 3,000 (he then upped the down payment to 4,000, because he just couldn't help himself). The plan went off perfectly (in MONTAGE form) and they got their explosives.

But the great part, because I was too lazy to invent an NPC for this encounter, they wound up swindling (and convincing to join the Rebellion) - BIGGS DARKLIGHTER. LOL



Good stuff! It's good to see there are other intelligent, good-humored gamers out there fighting the good fight, as it were.

As for me, I've never really gotten into any RPGs besides SW. I played a little DnD, always a monk, when groups needed a player, but always ended up nonplussed with the abilities granted by level progression. That's the primary reason SW Saga appeals to me; I like that you can potentially have entire large groups all of the same class, but still have a wide spectrum of abilities.

That said, I've been accused of being too strict when running games, but not in any fun-killing way. I always use 25pt planned generation, which makes a player put more thought into his character, and ensures that the player does not get into the game until he is perfectly comfortable with the character.

With that out of the way, I absolutely LOVE introducing new players to the system, and have a campaign specifically designed around it that requires no knowledge of SW canon or technology and is intended to go from lvl1-20. I've been hammering out details each time I run it (a grand total of twice lol), and this more recent iteration has been a nonstop thrill-ride for all involved, if I may be so bold. Without further ado, here's a synopsis.

It all begins on an undiscovered planet in the unknown regions (pick a name that feels right, I usually use Arabic words or phrases for planet/NPC names as notes to myself that the other players can't figure out.), where a society, made entirely of the players' species, and Mon Calamari (if they're not already represented in the party), believes itself to be alone in the galaxy; that each species evolved naturally on the planet. The tech level is very similar to modern-day Earth, just a tad more advanced, but not at blaster-level tech. A large conglomeration of companies has established a small mining colony on the moon, but that's as far out as anyone's gone. The Jedi maintain a small council and claim allegiance to no state, and wander from place to place doing good, Kung Fu style.

There are also Sith around, who maintain secret island fortresses in the oceans. The oceans themselves are 'owned' and protected by the Mon Calamari (along with any other aquatic races among the players), who maintain free trade and serve as neutral parties in disputes between state governments. Thus, with the boring background part over, the fun begins.

On a side note, I feel incredibly pretentious rambling on about all this. If it's turning any gears for anyone though, I'd be obliged to continue if anyone wants to hear more. Thanks for reading thus far, at any rate :)


Hah! Dude, I am super impressed that you've run the same campaign twice! Are you going to ever give it another run, do you think? I would LOVE to hear about how you've gone with it!!

(Man, now I'm wondering what would happen if our GM started a new campaign with the same premise as the one we recently finished...)

But, haha, you sound as though you feel exactly the same way I do! I also get riddled with that 'incredibly pretentious' feeling when I start to prattle on about our home game, and I'm just one of the players. And yet if you are in fact anything like me-- you just get to loving the characters and the narrative so intensely and all you want is to have the experience remembered and shared and... yeeeaah. Heh. So seriously, please do feel free to go on, I for one will be listening! It's all for the love of the game.

On my part, I'm attempting to satisfy my campaign withdrawals with the decision to try and re-tell our whole story in comic form. Yeeeeesh. I've got no idea what I'm really in for with this project... but I'm so proud of our story, our group, the insane and utterly brilliant story my GM put together, that I just have to give it a shot!


Known simply as "The Great Chase Scene" from our first campaign many years ago (had to dig this one up from an old post of mine on the holonet forums)...

Note: Before reading any further, I'd suggest playing "Chariots of Fire", for mood music.

1. In the lead, we have Torax, fearsome Sith apprentice (who looks suspicsiously like Hiei from YuYu Hakusho, thanks to that particular player having an obsession) running in sheer terror from...

2. Anubis, a Dark Jedi who works for the New Republic. In his hands, he holds the Divine Right, a powerful weapon that never misses and never leaves a survivor. Torax has become the first and only person to successfully dodge this uber-weapon, and Anubis has ignited his light-bayonet, and is now chasing him down madly, his pony tail and black cloak billowing out behind him as he runs.

3. Behind him is General Maximus and two shadowtroopers, waving their lightsabers threateningly. Maximus is another Sith apprentice, and he feels obligated to help his "friend" before the raving lunatic with the big gun catches him.

4. Behind them runs Lord Dais, Sith Master to Torax. All things considered, his apprentice needs as much help as he can right now, and Dais isn't about to let him down, because a good, loyal apprentice is hard to find these days. Besides, he thought this might be amusing. As he runs, his danger sense starts going nuts, and he glances behind him to see...

5. A Graboid (from Tremors, no less) has heard all the running feet and decided that all these athletes sound like a very tasty meal. It falls in pursuit behind Lord Dais, oblivious to the fact that behind it is...

6. A lone storm commando, running in fear, praying to any and all gods that he doesn't trip, because behind him is...

7. Ki, an insane black guy with a large smart gun filled with explosive rounds. This poor storm commando managed to dodge Ki's assault, and Ki, like Anubis, does not take the idea of missing his target gracefully. What Ki fails to realize is that behind him is...

8. Talon, the storm commando's CO, wearing, of all things, a Guyver unit. With all the Sith making a run for it, and with his last soldier on the run from a maniacal Rambo-wannabe, he decides it's time to cut and run. But, behind him is...

9. Lt. Jon Woo of the Rebel Alliance, the most destructive and most violent Jawa to ever exist. His hood has been pulled back as he's chasing Talon, wielding a stolen Sith sword that's as big as he is. The sword is held above his head, in prime position to come slashing down and bisect Talon (once he catches up to him), and all the while he's screaming obscenities in various languages.

10. Dorn, the Klingon warrior (what can I say? The player demanded a Klingon), waving his bat'leth and screaming a battle cry. He has no clue as to what started the chase; all he knows is that at the end of this run, there's likely to be a huge brawl, and that's good enough for him.

11. Behind him is Ryo, the sarcastic yet good hearted young Jedi who finds this entire ordeal to be utterly hilarious. He's running, purely because he finds it to be funnier than hell.

12. Behind him runs the Noghri sniper, Slick. Slick has dropped to all fours and is tearing after them all like a Hound of Hell. He, too, sees there is no point in being in this chase, but damn, it was too funny to pass up.

When it was all said and done, the chase had been recorded by a holocam (thanks to Slick.) How he pulled out recording it all and running in it, we'll never know... It was broadcast accross the galaxy later, meant to be a slap in the face for the Imperials, but Torax was unfazed. He had a shot of himself, a closeup, enlarged and placed on posters galaxy wide. The caption? "Lord Torax: Setting a new standard in athletic excellence."

That's okay, because the rest of the galaxy made use of the chase for various advertisements, such as...

"Gatorade, $2. A new pair of Nikes, $90. Running in abject terror from a maniac with a big gun, priceless... Some things in life are priceless. For everything else, there's the Imperial MasterCard."

We've all talked before about how this impromptu chase may be the most absurd and hilarious thing we've ever done and that we need to find a way to top it, but I'm not quite sure we ever will, especially considering our campaigns are slightly less absurd now.

And in our last campaign, our Lgeacy-era crew set out on a mission to redeem a Sith warrior who happened to be the son of our Captain. With none of the crew knowing how best to help someone see the light, the decision was made to construct a "detox" chamber surrounded by Ysalamiri to cut off the prisoner from the Force and the influence of the Dark Side so that they might be open to reason.

Since we thought it could be a lengthy process, the chamber was made to feel less like a prison cell and more like a small apartment with a few comforts...and then the captain decided that we'd capture Darth Talon and test this on her first rather than his son, partially because my ex-Imperial Knight was interested in redeeming his former enemy and fighting along side her for a change (among other things *coughcough*).

We found a design flaw with the chamber; the extra "comforts" we added to make it feel less like a cell. The comforts had included things like a bed, a bathroom...and a small yet functional kitchen. Our dear captain was smart enough to not leave any sharp objects in there, but when he attempted to force her to listen to reason (in a rather blunt fashion), Talon snatched a frying pan from her little kitchen and tried to knock his head off whilst screaming obscenities and death threats.

...after that, we had to strip the chamber of anything that could possibly be used as a melee weapon, and the only meals she could have from that point forward were MREs.

We all found it hilarious and have always pictured that scene happening with the characters chibified for extra absurdity...well, most of us; the player who was our captain was considerably less-than-amused with getting whopped upside the head by a frying pan.

Links removed because the spam filter apparently doesn't like me, but I shall have vengeance. And maybe beer. Beer and vengeance.


Seghast, sounds like a wild conga line lol

As per Tusserk's encouragement, I'll go on about my current campaign, which I call the Ardent Dreamer. I'll get it all down on paper in detail someday and maybe throw it online somewhere. Either way, here goes.

In accordance with the technology level, and partially because I consider them mildly overpowered early in the game, Jedi will start out with the equivalent of vibroblades that are, in effect, primitive lightsabers.

The heroes begin in the Four Winds hotel in New Kroy, either as guests or spectators for a summit held by the Jedi council. The Jedi are expected to announce an important technological discovery that will change society, and they want to ensure that every government is allowed access to it. Exact details are not forthcoming, but there is also a considerable presence from the many governments of the world. Security is tight, and the city has even insisted on issuing guards to the many Jedi present.

Thus, the heroes can start in any role; press, dignitaries, scientists, street urchins, security, Jedi, or just any unfortunate schmuck near the hotel the evening before the summit is to begin.

A brawl starts between security of rival states down in the bar at the hotel, which spills out into the streets. The fracas is cut short, however, when the building is rocked by an explosion. Any Force-sensitives will have a chance to feel one or more darkside presences, as well as the deaths of many Jedi Masters, and characters get perception checks to spot lightning coming out of the side of the building, along with copious amounts of debris. The lobby/bar fills with smoke and elevators and stairs are impassable.

As the players find out, there are simultaneous assassinations worldwide, of government leaders and Jedi, which throws the continents into chaos. The characters are guided to a safehouse as criminal elements overrun the city with blaster technology. The Mon Calamari have managed to maintain order in the oceans, however, but are fractured into Loyalists, defending the Mon Cal gov't, and a strong mercenary force fighting with blaster weapons.

The Loyalists are interested in evacuating the city, so the heroes are met by a contact driving something out of Mad Max through the burning, carnage-ridden streets. Identifying himself as Lt Bax Bassad, he helps the heroes fight their way to a pier where he has a ship ready to take them to what remains of the Jedi Council.

This is one of my favorite parts, with my absolute favorite NPC. For whatever reason, and I'm not kidding, I roll crits three out of four times for Bax. He wields a flamethrower with a vibrobayonet, and, after some embellishment from both me and the group, he has become an utterly horrific carnage-machine. He has become notorious for such things as dancing around in entrails and leaving skewered opponents hanging on walls. At one point, a mercenary/pirate was captured alive during the escape from the city, and the players rolled to intimidate him for interrogation. I rolled for Bax as well, and managed to roll a crit miss of all things. The group decided that his attempt to intimidate must have consisted of an apron over his bloodied armor and a cute hat with a flower in it, and his earnest plea to 'pleeeeease tell me who you're working for'. We all decided this would be much more frightening than anyone else's ideas for interrogation (that didn't involve the accumulation of Darkside Points), so we all had a lovely tea party with Miss Nezbit, and got the information we needed about mercenaries and pirates being hired by Sith to overthrow world governments.

I could go on, but suffice to say that, for seven more levels thus far, Bax has proven himself to be quite the recurring, and always dramatic, NPC, swooping in to save the day, or, on one occasion, rolling poorly to place an explosive device, resulting in copious amounts of reconstructive and cybernetic surgery. Of course, that's this time around.

Last time I ran this campaign was with players who were more comfortable with the system and RPing in general, so their own hijinks outweighed any amount of prodding I had to do with the storyline. Last time around, one of my friends played a Togorian who, miraculously, managed to seduce a female Togorian NPC of some importance. From then on, whenever there's a 'grown-up' scene, one or more of us, like clockwork, will break into Marvin Gaye's 'Lets Get it on' ('I been really tryyyyyyyyin baby...'), and that scene fades into the next morning.

Such good times with good friends. Alot of my players were in the military with me at the time, so it's a good way to look back on the intense camaraderie we all shared. Gives me warm fuzzies.


Ah, the Great Chase. We had to stop gaming because we were all laughing so hard. Allow me to add my own it of genius to this.

The gaming group Seghast and I belong to has had some changes over the years, due to some players losing interest in part to my inept GM'ing (We were young and it was out first campaign) Our current group plays 4 games: Star Wars D6, Star Wars D20 Saga Edition, DC Heroes D6 and a LoTR offshoot still in the planning stages. The group Consists of myself GM'ing the Saga Edition game and the LoTR game and our friend "Mike" GM'ing the Star Wars D6 and DC D6 games. The other players are Seghast, my cousin who is just starting to find his stride after gaming for about a year, and my next door neighbor "Dev" who is just starting to game and is in the middle of the customary hazing that new players go through.

If you have seen Seghast's request for the pirate, mechanic and slightly unstable wookiee, I play "The Ultimate Wookiee" who is a cross between former WWE Champion The Ultimate Warrior and WCW legend Scott Steiner. Any wrestling fans will understand and is probably shaking their heads in shame. If you don't know these men, YouTube them and you'll see.

We were on a planet with a small wrestling promotion known as ECW and The Ultimate Wookiee was paid to lose his title to this upstart Barabel so that the small promotion could expand. After some heated contract negotiations (The Ultimate Wookiee had 8D in contract negotiations) a deal was reached. After The Ultimate Wookiee made his patented entrance of running around the ring and shaking the ropes, the upstart Barabel entered the arena. The match was being contested under ECW rules which meant anything goes and falls count anywhere. So as the Barabel was abhout halfway down the entrance ramp, The Ultimate Wookiee took a running start, jumped off the top turnbuckle and delivered his patented finisher The Ultimate Bellyflop to the Barabel with a full 8D Strength damage. The Barabel was of course flattened and turned into a greasy smear on the ramp along with his rather curvy Twi'lek escort, but such is the way of things.

As the crowd began booing and threatening to riot, The Ultimate Wookiee rolled over to place his shoulders to the ground and pulled the now lifeless Barabel over him, allowing the ref to count the 1-2-3 and call for the bell. The Ultimate Wookiee therefore upheld his end of the bargin and was beaten by the Barabel.

Wrestling fans know of the "Fingerpoke of Doom" in which Hulk Hogan was forced to face his NWO teamate Kevin Nash for the WCW Title. Hulk Hogan poked Kevin Nash with his finger and Nash hit the mat allowing Hogan to win the match. Taking inspiration from that, I trumped the "Fingerpoke of Doom" by now giving the Star Wars Universe the "Bellyflop of Doom"!!!

It was great sitting there drinking my gatorade while the GM just sat there staring at me with his mouth gaping open like a fish while Seghast laughed his ass off and out new players were looking to each other wondering what they had gotten into.

"The battle is not always won to the strongest, but to those who keep on fighting." - Unknown


I am LOVING the stories, guys!! Ahahahaa-- UnnaturalGas, you've got no idea how much you've got me snorting at the thought of Miss Nezbit in your campaign. That is one of my ultimate favourite parts of the Toy Story films of all time!! But you have to tell me- what species is Bax? My mind defaulted him to Mon Cal due to the nature of the story, but I realise that this doesn't specifically have to have been the case? (And was his surname designed to make me instantly think 'Bax Badass'? Baahahahaa.) Your players' 'embellishments' of the character sound EXACTLY like the sort of stuff my group comes up with...

My group's had a Grand Chase Scene as well, but it was in a Warhammer setting. It was years ago now and I wish I could remember the specifics, there's got to be an old character sheet floating around one of our houses where I scribbled out the scene though! I know it involved basically a whole town, including a set of prisoners released from jail (I think one of us broke them out as a 'distraction'???), a couple of us lugging along a stolen strong box and my fifteen year old peasant girl driving a horse-drawn carriage (which she had no idea how to drive, but kept rolling really, really well). It was insane and utterly hilarious!

Also, hi there, Trigger!! Ahahaaa, I am sniggering at the thought of the flattened Barabel being dragged over the Ultimate Wookiee... ESPECIALLY with the GM watching on in shock. Oh, those moments where you absolutely confound the GM, aren't they priceless?!


Ah, Sorry Tusserk. I got all caught up in the excitement and forgot to mention that Bax is indeed Mon Cal. He also goes by the name Firefish, on account of his bright red skin and penchant for arson when he was younger, to include a criminal record for the same.

An interesting note or two is that 'Fish', as far as I know, is a racial slur for aquatic species, however Bax allows his friends to call him that as a shortened form of 'Firefish'. He is also terrifying to other Mon Cal because he wields a flamethrower, and a most terrifying and ignominous death for an aquatic species is to be burned to death. Most other Mon Cal, and the like, won't wield flame weapons out of respect and a slight fear of fire. Most of that is conjecture for the campaign, but seems to work out well.


For a time I thought our group was just friggin' insane with the stuff we have pulled, but now I see it's fairly common. If I may, I would like to share something from our most recent game.

Our Star Wars Saga Edition game is set in the KoTOR timeframe, around the same time as the upcoming SWTOR game. Each player has two characters; one main and a secondary that adds a support role to the group.

My two characters are Dominic Orion, a Miralukan Jedi who plays up being "blind". I was kinda thinking along the lines of an old japanese movie about a blind swordsman when I rolled him. My secondary character is Lev Kazron, a Zeltron pistoleer and the ship's medic.

My cousin's main character is Ringo Woo, a jawa soldier and the start of the "Woo Dynatsy" of battle crazed and also simply crazed jawa family. Ringo is going to have the entire Sith Army in therapy with his latest gem of brilliance. He found an old miniature ATV and repaired it so that he doesn't get left behind anymore. He then covered it in faux fur and affixed a Bantha-esque head to the front of the vehicle. After scrounging and stealing the appropriate gear, me mounted twin blaster rifles behind the 'eyes' of the bantha and fixed a flamethrower in the mouth. So now the next time we have a battle in an open enough area, the jawa will ride into battle atop a miniature bantha that shoots blasters from it's eyes and breathes fire. All the while Ringo will be in his confiscated and tailored Sith Robes and wielding his stolen lightsaber shoto. His secondary is a Given mechanic. Not much to say there as he just rolled him.

My neighbor has an unhealthy obsession with wookiees which shows in his characters. The First is "Mr. Wook" a wookiee heavy weapons specialist who carries a repeating blaster like the one seen in The Old Republic trailers. The difference is his has a pop-up d6 in a bubble (yes, like the one in the old board game Trouble). In combat, he numbers the enemies and pops the bubble, thus indicating who gets shot. He named the gun "Jackpot". His second character is a wookiee Jedi with anger management issues named "Da Wook". He stands max height for a wookiee and is build much like Tarful, only broader in the shoulders and wields a two-handed claymore of a lightsaber.

Mike, who Gm's our other games has chosen a rather odd pair for his characters. First is Ravik, a Rodian Jedi Sentinel who takes his job of eradicating the Dark Side a little too seriously. He also has developed a drinking problem, and his drink of choice is...himself. (We told him about the story from Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina and fate of poor Greedo and he kinda ran with it) His secondary character is Vinnie, a Nagai quartermaster who fits the very image of an Italian Mafioso down to the pinstripe suit and slicked back hair.

Then we have Seghast. Seghast never fails to amaze me with his character ideas, and he didn't let me down this time. His main character is Kanye "Chuck" Sheen, a Togorian holo-movie star who embodies the best (or worst) parts of Kanye West, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Gary Busey and pretty much every other celebrity who has made a public ass of themselves. Why is he with the group? He thinks he is filming the most epic and ground-breaking movie of all time! (Yes, he actually thinks this. Blame it on piss poor rolling on the player's behalf) He also believes he is an actual warlock and carries around ancient Sith tomes which he studies all the time, nevermind that he isn't Force Sensitive. Seghast's second character is Elwood Blues of Blues Brothers fame. He's the pilot and also leads to our cover as part of the "band" by landing us gigs on planets we're heading to.

So, there is the insanity I have to try and run games with. It's funny, but no matter how off track these players throw the game, I seem to be able to finish the game and get most of my story points in. All we need now is a planet to base our operations from since we were thrown off Dantooine thanks to Kanye and his new "apprentice" Ringo practicing their 'Warlock' Rituals in the middle of town. For all the insanity we throw about, everyone enjoys the hell out of gaming, and that's the real reason to game right?

"The battle is not always won to the strongest, but to those who keep on fighting." - Unknown


Also, I blew up a rancor and Ringo neutered it with a grenade.


Links removed because the spam filter apparently doesn't like me, but I shall have vengeance. And maybe beer. Beer and vengeance.


I'd like to share something fun that happened recently in our D&D game. I know, I know, it's not Star Wars... bear with me.

We were exploring a cave system, trying to find and kill what evil lurked therein, when we wittingly stumbled upon a cave full of toxic mold. Our party's perception was keen, so we avoided it altogether. JUST KIDDING. Our perception was SO KEEN we decided to send the Paladin (who is immune to such things) to collect a jar of it! You know, just in case...

When we ultimately found the evil that dwelt therein, we found a young dragon! DUN DUN DUN! We knew fighting a fair fight would be tremendously stupid, so we sent the barbarian with the jar of toxic mold to grapple the beast. Lo and behold, as the barbarian clung to the dragon's neck, the jar was smashed in the creature's nostrils. And the evil was vanquished!

In an unrelated story, I was RPing with TheLegendofJer, a fellow SWAG artist, when I lived up north. I was GMing for him and a few friends, and I decided to begin the campaign by having the characters meet in a minimum security jail on Aargau (which they had been tossed into for their various reasons. Jeremy's character "Red" had been smuggling counterfeit credits. The diminutive Kel Dor "It" was a wife-beater.) Jeremy had stashed a blaster in the toilet, and was preparing a breakout, when the guards sent an admin to inspect the cell. With the guards standing just outside, the admin peered into the toilet... and was karate-chopped in the neck TO DEATH by Jeremy Jack. That's right, a 1st-level character killed an NPC with HIS BARE HANDS. A sweet combination of Martial Arts and Sneak Attack KILLED A MAN. Haha... crazy kids.



While I generally loathe the idea of necroing old threads, tonight's game had a moment too good to not post.

Our crew, courtesy of Q from Star Trek, has been thrown back from the Legacy-Era to the very start of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. We've already encountered Vong ships at the edge of the galaxy preparing for the invasion, so we ran straight through the core broadcasting warnings to all governments and organizations on open comm, including rundowns of enemy capabilities and known tactics. This has earned us wanted status by EVERYONE; the Vong for spoiling their surprise invasion and the rest of the galaxy for questioning as to how we have all this information.

Tonight we blundered into a trap laid out by the Empire to capture us, headed by infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett. Our crew is woefully unprepared for the likes of Fett, so we know we're screwed. The fact the Empire has given him two dozen stormtroopers as back up doesn't help matters at all, but the Force was with us as a Jedi Master showed up to help us.

As Master Galen squared off with Fett, we were left to tangle with the stormtroopers. Our illustrious Jack Sparrow-wannaba of a captain, Dace, gets taken down quick, barely clinging to life as the rest of us crowd around him to protect him from further damage. It takes a little while, but caught between a bounty hunter and his tricked-out R2 sidekick, a Jedi padawan, and a warrior-in-training, we make steady progress. As we get down to one final stormtrooper, he turns tail and flees, knowing he's screwed. Reese, my young warrior-in-training, turns to our R2 unit and tells him to "ninja kick the damn stormtrooper!"

Reese then promptly uses telekinesis to hurl the little droid at the trooper's head, wheels first. The droid screeches the entire way and ignites his boosters just before impact, turning the hapless trooper's head into a crispy critter.

With the lackeys taken care of, I turn my attention to trying to give first aid to Dace while the others opt to go help Master Galen against Fett.

Our bounty hunter misses with his shots and the droid fares no better; even while fighting a Jedi Master, Fett seems to be more than a match for us.

Enter our Jedi Padawan, a Mon Cal. He shuts down his lightsaber and charges at Fett recklessly, intent on helping Galen even if it costs his life. He takes a leap and screams out "FLYING FISH TACKLE!", which causes Fett to turn around just in time for a webbed hand to grab his face and slam his head down to the ground in an improvised pro-wrestling move.


The padawan hits the ground right beside Fett, props himself up on his elbow and asks "hey, how's it going?", but the legendary bounty hunter is strangely silent. The padawan knocks on Fett's helmet a few times, confused as to the lack of a response, "hey...hey...HEY!"

The might Boba Fett was felled by a half-crazed padawan with barely any training, his neck broken.

Master Galen stands in disbelief, staring down at the body. "I just spent fifteen minutes barely holding my own against him, but just...I think I need an aspirin and a stiff drink."

I think my group will be seeing the "flying fish tackle" a lot more often in the future now.

Links removed because the spam filter apparently doesn't like me, but I shall have vengeance. And maybe beer. Beer and vengeance.