Wookiee Bounty Hunter and Droid

Droova, Wookiee bounty hunter, and his protocol droid. Requested by Crimson.


as a person who is not normally a fan of wookies i gotta say this guy is awesome.


Aw yeah! That could be straight out of the game books, it could.

(Also love the wookieestache.)


Yeah, love the classic chest plate. Cool piece of work.
(Only thing that does not really fit in in my opinion, are that the wook wears gloves^^)


I think every Wookiee should have a wookstache.

Conquistador, I lifted that chest plate directly from General Veers, lol. And I really wanted to see a Wookiee wear gloves, because why not? ;)



Fantastic! Somehow your colouring has been elevated to yet another level in this one - there seems to be different textures at play in it that you don't normally use...


Nicely done Asok!

Interesting is the droid's head design. Kinda looks a bit like a Sullustan with those droopy cheeks. Very Cool though, adds a bit of originality to a normally standard chassis design.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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