Do you really wanna go there?

This is ARC trooper Sergeatn Hades, and of course is wonderful strill, Zev  <3 :) .

Hades is kinda a sad story. His sqaud was killed and his two brothers her grew up with, (ARC Sergeants Skills and Hercules) Are in another battalion. Hades took up company with Zev sortly after the death of is sqaud. Afterward, Hades then desided to make some credits on the side. He'd go off the grid and be an assassin. After all, he had the training. He's got loads of weapons as you can see. When in civilian clothing, he wares a brown leather jacket, green shirt, his kama (of course) gray pants and dark boots with an assorment of weapons. His employers do well to remember if they short change him they will pay dearly. When in his most dangerous mode his voice becomes hadly a whisper. When off duty one can find him in a near by tavern drinking away whatever is bothering him or when he can, catching up with Skills and Hercules in some dark corner with a hot meal. He is one of the darker clones I've come up with. But if your on  his side, and you manage to make a good impression on him, he'd die for you and with you.