Galactic Marine Captain Wits

Well, you'r probably thinking "The heck? A Female clone trooper?" Or maybe your thinking "Hm" Or nothing about it at all. But let me introduce you to Captain Wits, master in hand-to-hand combat, has a good head on her shoulders, yet hot temper. Will do anything to keep her troops safe inclueding taking a blaster bolt or a lightsaber strike. I've done quit a bit work on this character. And have writen about her in a few books I'm working on that will most likely never see the light of day :P . That aside, she's got a beef with one of my sith that I've come up with, Veen Blek, (Whose picture I'll put up soon) Wits has been totured by said sith, and in their first battle, Wits reseaved those two scars on her face comploments of Veen. Thanks to Wits's best buddie Shock Trooper corperal Edge, and a few others, they were able to beat Veen.


I wouldn't say this is my best picture of Wits, but I think the kama is what came out best in this picture.

(Excuse my spelling :S, sorry!)


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I've got to say I for one am curious about this character! How did a female clone trooper come to be? 

Lord Cygnus

Oooow nice question Tuss, I'd like to know that too. Did the Kaminoans alter the DNA code (the XY chromosomes) which determines the clone's gender? BTW: Nice new posting.  =)


Tusserk: Thanks!


And in answer to both your questions, I'm still playing around with how that happend. It was supposed to be an accedent actaully.

But, Lord Cygnus, I think you might be on to something there. Perhaps a Kaminoan was interested to see what would happen if there was a female clone tropper. And did it without athorization? Hmmm... yes! I think that would work nicely! Thank you!!!


I'm going to assume that didn't go particularly well for the Kaminoan.... heh. Except they seem to have managed to keep the project under wraps long enough for Wits to reach 'adulthood' (so what, ten years or so?).


Yeah.... It didn't go to well at all. I'm actaully working on writing Wits's story.

Though, they actaully did find out about her early on. course they wanted her dead. Luckily for her, her sergeant saved her, taught her and got her a vibro knife. When Wits was equivalent of an 8 year old she killed like four or five Kaminoans trying to kill her.